Find Out Why There Are High Number Of Beggars Only In These Places!

Beggars Outside Colleges And Hospitals

Beggars Outside Colleges And Hospitals – The Indian leaders might not recognise the pulse of this country, but the beggars clearly do know about how to catch people’s pulse. That’s why you’ll see that the beggars in India will choose certain locations where people can easily give them money. Thus, these beggars always give more priority to colleges and hospitals.

These days, large numbers of beggars outside colleges and hospitals to beg. Because these beggars easily get high amount of money out there.

Also, this is because people in our country mostly believe a lot in God and prayers, and the people who are present in the hospital are mostly in some kind of a trouble.

At this time, such beggars come towards these troubled people and they say “Babuji, don’t worry”. The God is very kind. Have faith in God and everything will be alright. There is a power in prayer over medicine. Prayer can give life to dead ones as well. And during this time, the families of patients start thinking that maybe this beggar’s prayer will help them out. So, they easily give them high amount of money. And that’s how, beggars earn money. These beggars very well learn how to catch feelings of people in trouble.

That’s why, when people arrive at the hospital, they think that money is not everything in life. For this reason, people become emotional and then they tend to give more money to the beggars. Because of this reason, these days hospital seems to be the No.1 location for many beggars out there.

Similarly, beggars stand outside colleges as well. Well, near colleges too, these beggars earn money with very less effort. Nowadays the students who come here to learn are kind towards human’s emotions and that’s why they give money.

When an elderly, female or child beggars come near colleges and hospitals, then many people (students) feel that they might be hungry or are very poor in life, and due to this they might be finding difficulty in living life. So, the students give them money out of their pocket money thinking that less money won’t ruin their fun. Plus, they also think that giving them money will at-least bring a smile on their face.

Especially when they see a child begging outside the college, they think that if their parents were rich enough, then maybe this child would’ve been in school reading something knowledgeable.

Apart from that, I believe that you know that there are thousands of students in colleges and universities who take an education. Out of these students, if 100 students give them at-least 2 rupees, then they are free to spend day and night without worries.

This is the only reason why beggars turn towards colleges and hospitals to earn money.

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