These Are The World’s Most Romantic Animals

Romantic animals

Romantic animals – If you are drained from the daily toil, looking at animals will be therapeutic.

Contrary to human nature, animals are devoid of any malevolence and will love you with a clean heart. In this time and age when transitory pleasure in love is reigning supreme, animals prove that there is still room for loyalty. Animals teach us what ardent devotion is, no matter to humans or their partners.

Valentine’s Day has just gone by and we are still soaked in the romantic moon of hand holding and proposals, we will give you the names of some romantic animals who will make your heart melt.

Romantic animals –

1. Flamingos:

Flamingos dance for their partners. Doesn’t that sound sweet? Yes, no matter if that is a pretty hilarious sight, they are really endearing to watch too. In fact, you can hunt for some videos in You Tube which will give you proper insight into how they impress their love.

2. Seahorses:

Sea horses are bona fide flirts. They carry fertilised eggs until the egg is hatched whilst the female take care of feeding. If that’s not all, sea horses profess their love to the significant other by tail-holding, nose touching and colour changing, which doesn’t obviously mean they are wanting to mate, it’s just simple flirting.

3. Wolves:

This might excite the Game of Thrones House Stark fans. Wolves mate to keep alive. We can’t nevertheless envision wolves as very romantic creatures as they move in packs. They are like nuclear families that comprise adult male, female and their children.

4. Bonobos:

Bonobos like to display affection like humans only. They play footsie and warm up a lot before making love which is downright sweet.

5. Lovebirds:

Lovebirds are called lovebirds for a reason. They are the epitome of devotion and pathologically monogamous. When they are around two months old, they start romancing. The female swings her feathers to catch the male’s fancy and they end up cuddling with each other.

6. Bowerbirds:

Male bowerbirds decorate their nests with shiny blue things to attract the female counterparts. It is same like humans decorating their homes to woo their lady love into marriage. They will hunt for shiny blue bottle caps, buttons or anything and place it in the nest to attract the opposite sex.

7. Manakins:

Manakins are cuter than Flamingos who can go to great lengths to impress their loved ones. They will do Moonwalk to attract their females, hilarious much? But actually they do.


These are Romantic animals – So, does it set your mood for a romantic holiday, we bet it does.

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