These Pictures Show The Unexpected Side of History

Unexpected side of history

Unexpected side of history – Our decisions border on certain facts about the history that we have been taught in school or have been bookish.

But there are many facts that have been glaringly prevalent but we missed them driven by the loyalty towards the books, that is to say the stereotypical image about the past. Like, we could least imagine that at the beginning of 20th century the children would be treated with cocaine and then there was toilet paper that no one wanted to use in the USSR only to become so popular later that the stores actually faced a scarcity of it?

There are many such interesting unexpected side of history – facts that the history books had never seized and here are they:

Unexpected side of history –

1 – This is a pretty dangerous medicine:

Have you ever thought that toothache can be cured with cocaine? Cocaine was one of the most sought after drug in the early 20th century which was also used as a stimulant. It was a healing drive for many disorders and had been added to food and beverages too. Hang on there, it had been applied to kids too.

2 – The story of Iranian Shah and his Harem:

Well, this story is a pretty controversial one about the Iranian Harem Nasser-al-Din Shah Qajar whose tenure in Iran was a really significant one. These photos of the women really shook many people because women having moustaches is not a common sight to behold.

3 – A strange treatment for children:

The modern parents will go weak on their knees hearing about this treatment, probably will be scared out of their wits but in the U.S 1910, children were sent via e-mail. This mail law was for farmers back then which made their lives easier. This was the main method of sending children to their relatives back then. It cost them pretty less, less than a dollar that is to say with which they could hire a cargo and the children would get delivered at the relatives’ doorstep.

4 – Selfie Fashion:

The emergence of selfies go eons back and they have not appeared recently. You may be amazed to know that selfies saw the light of day even before photography appeared. The first selfie was made in the year 1839 which was, of course not easy to take. It had the long exposure, a little bit of time had to be frozen, otherwise the photo would look ghastly.

5 – The not-so-usual first cars:

In the year 1789, the first car patent was given to the U.S. This car was but a steam machine with paddles that moved equally smoothly on the land and water. Half past 18th century, electronic cars appeared, the French electric car called La Jamais Contente had the 100 km/ph mileage, which was the benchmark record speed back then.

6 – This was a strange entertainment:

The past had many instances of life-threatening kind of entertainments and in this picture you can see a diving horse going over a worn-out bridge only to fall in the water. Later, William Caver, inspired by this horse trick, trained many horses to jump into the water and the show became popular overnight. This show was the main attraction of New York back then.

These are Unexpected side of history – So, these are the historic images that really show us how interesting yet difficult it had been to belong to the past.

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