27 Short Forms We Use Every day Without Knowing What They Signify

Short forms

Short forms – The new age internet lingo is mastered by all of us.

We can’t go without using them in our chats because that adds the cool quotient. Some of us take the pain to google and understand what they really mean while some just use them without even knowing the proper meaning. It’s not criminal to be that lethargic though as those abbreviations are so widely used that one can guess what they imply without even googling them.

Have you ever wondered what the brand abbreviation of your refrigerator stands for or the abbreviated name of the movie hall you frequent to signifies what. More, the abbreviated name of the bank you rely upon in blindfolds stands for what?

Then there are the brands and some commonly used abbreviations of Indian and International government entities that even the newspapers use. These abbreviations make our lives way easier but we never bothered to know their full forms.

So, just in case, if you are still curious, here are some examples of such Short forms that are all the rage now.

Short forms –

1. NASA:

NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Organisation.

2. DDT:

DDT stands for Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloroethane.

3. DNA:

DNA stands for Deoxyribo-Nucleic Acid.

4. PTO:

PTO stands for Please Turn Over.

4. P.S:

P.S stands for Post Scriptum.

5. AM/PM:

AM stands for Anti Meridian, PM stands for Post Meridian.


RADAR stands for Radio Detection and Training.


Self-contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.


Light Amplification By The Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

10. ATM:

ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine

11. PIN:

PIN stands for Personal Identification Number.

12. OK:

OK stands for OLL Korrect

13. URL:

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator


14. HTML:

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language.

15. MODEM:

MODEM stands for Modulator-Demodulator

16. HTTP:

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

17. BPO:

BPO stands for Business Process outsourcing.

18. DSLR:

DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex.

19. BC/AD/CE:

Before Christ/ Anno Domini/ Common Era


20. AM/FM:

AM stands for Amplitude Modulated, FM stands for Frequency Modulated.

21. i.e/e.g:

Id Est (In Effect) and Exempli Gratia (Example given)

22. LSD:

LSD stands for Lysergic Acid Dyethylamide.

23. DLF:

DLF stands for Delhi Land and Finance.

24. HTC:

HTC stands for High Tech Computer

25. LG:

LG stands for Lucky Goldstar.

26. WIPRO:

WIPRO stands for Western India Products.

27. PVR:

PVR stands for Priya Village Roadshow.

We really hope these abbreviations become helpful for you in the long run.

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