5 Reasons Why Bhuvan Bam’s “BB Ki Vines” Is India’s Favorite Vines!

BB Ki Vines

“BB Ki Vines”

BHUVAN BAM– He is India’s well-known favorite YouTube star.

His super entertainment channel “BB Ki Vines” is one of the best channels you’ll find on YouTube. Don’t you agree? I’ll guess you do. {Wink!} It is not a secret that “ BB Ki Vines ” was created by accident.

Well, we’re surely thankful for that accident though. {Wink!}

On a serious note, his popular YouTube channel has become a “click-worthy” and “irresistible” thing that guarantees to make you laugh wholeheartedly.

There are many who are undoubtedly in love with his channel and oh, how can I forget his long-hair cute looks (Hehe!) Shhhh…I’m not gonna talk about his handsome looks here, so back to the main point.

If you’re “BB Ki Vines” lover then you’ll definitely relate to these 5 things that proves why he is India’s favorite.

Take a look: –

  1. One Man Show

No doubt, he is a self-made 22 Y.O guy.

The best part about his BB Ki Vines videos are, he plays different faces with a right attitude i.e. he is simply one man army. His only presence with a perfect timing of dialogue delivery makes him stands out from the rest.

If you ever watch his videos clearly, you’ll come to know that his set-up of camera angles and portrayal of characters is extremely amazing.

BB Ki Vines

  1. The Humorous Script

The sense of humour featured in his videos is undeniably hilarious. Based on that fact, whenever he upload new videos, we all know one thing for sure and that is “it’ll tickle our funny bones”.

BB Ki Vines

  1. Unique and relative content

His videos brings out content which are unique (in terms of content) and obviously, relatable. He tends to be low-key and thus focuses on things that every individual in India will relate too.

Unique characters that leave us excited are Fuddi, Angry Masterji, Papa Maakichu, and Dr. Sehgal and oh, how can I forget “Bancho”.

wBB Ki Vines

  1. Catchy Lines

His characters and their crazy- remarkable catchy lines e.g. “Oh Yeah”, “Had ho gai Bancho”, “Relax, I got it”, Okie and Fakal se toh hilane wale lagte ho and “Aur Bata”.

Frankly, I use ‘em while having a conversation with my friends and I’ll guess, you use them too. Don’t you? {Wink!}

BB Ki Vines

  1. Expressions are FUNNY!!

A character not only needs good dialogues but yeah, it also needs expressions to deliver it. And, guess what? He does it all so effortlessly.

E.g. he plays a character of “BB’s mother” and the way she expresses “OKIE” is hilarious.

BB Ki Vines

I’m gonna watch his videos all over again. By the way, what are you doing up next? I’ll suggest, watch his hilarious videos and LOL. {Wink!}

And also, let us know what you think about ” BB Ki Vines ” in a comment below.

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