These Real-life Paranormal Encounters Of People Will Shake You Up Completely.

Real life paranormal encounters

Real life paranormal encounters – Ghosts, spirits, paranormal activities, aliens and witches are all part of the taboo world.

They are just like God, people who have experienced them believe in them and those who have never experienced it will never agree upon their existence.

There are some of the people who have experienced paranormal activities but still don’t agree upon the existence of any of the above mentioned. Well, everybody has their own set of beliefs and disbelief but these stories of real people will definitely scare you to the core and probably then you’ll be able to digest their existence in a better way.

So, here some of the real life paranormal encounters :

There was once a couple living in California and every night their Television used to switch on itself and a cartoon channel was what used to be displayed on the screen at exact 3’o clock at night. They called different engineers to check in the matter and to their astonishment there was no fault in the wiring or the television set. Someone told them to talk about the matter to the father of the church and they did. It was then they came to knew that the spirit of their child who died at the age of 8 came to watch his favorite channel at night which he always used to do while he was alive.

My younger sister died at the age of 5, we all were shattered in the family after her demise. The only thing we had as her remembrance was her favorite doll she named Bella. We kept it safe in the almirah of her room but every night as the clock struck 2 we would hear the almirah door crack open and the doll used to be right in the middle of the bed. We used to keep it back but it again used to come on the bed. We obviously were very scared but then our grandmother told us that our late sister wants it to be there and must be coming there in the room to sleep with her. Since then, we have gotten habitual of it and it doesn’t bother us anymore.

Real life paranormal encounters

My 5 years old daughter was playing with her toys and suddenly I heard her singing a lullaby which my late mother used to sing to her when my daughter was born. It’s been 4 and half years since I have lost my mother. When I asked her that where did she learn the lullaby from she said that an old lady comes to my room every night and sings it to me and I sleep.  I was shell shocked but nature is mysterious and as my mother loved her so much it might be possible that she would have been paying a visit to her every night because no one except my mother knew that lullaby in the entire house.

Real life paranormal encounters

My baby was born premature but because of some complication my wife died right after giving birth to him. every night my son used to cry and me being father at times felt helpless but one night as my child was crying he suddenly stopped after looking at a particular direction. I couldn’t understand how but as I looked on the opposite wall, I could see the shadow of my wife. The same height, build and shape. I was scared at first but then as my child started smiling after looking at his mother probably, tears rolled down my eyes.

Real life paranormal encounters

These are Real life paranormal encounters – These are just 4 of the million incidents like these which happen every now and then with different people, it’s just a matter of one’s belief.

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