Ugly Things That Can Happen To Teenagers if They Accept Random Friend Requests on Social Media

Random friend requests

Random friend requests – In the onset of the growth of social media, we are no longer confined to the national boundary but the horizon has expanded and it has become a melting pot of global netizens.

Our smartphones are indispensable for us because it gives us push notification about our social media handles and in the run for garnering more followers and likes, we often tend to lose sight of the potential threats of it may entail.

We don’t think twice before adding up a stranger in our social media handle and even opening up about our personal lives before them but the social media experts and psychologists opine against it for the undermentioned reasons:

Random friend requests –

The stranger can be a fraudulent person:

There are wealthy teenagers who take no qualms in publishing about their extravagant lifestyle in their social media handles which attracts the conmen who would set a love-trap for them and emotionally blackmail them to excavate monetary profit for them.

They can lead a teenager into committing heinous crimes:

Not very long ago, the mobile game Blue Whale shook the world out of its reverie prompting smart teenagers into committing suicide. If teenagers give a stranger access to their personal life, they become vulnerable to be brainwashed and eventually commit heinous crimes that would serve the predator’s purpose.

Their photos can be misused:

Their photos are at risk which can be used for dishonourable purpose by morphing them. This will not only lead to mental hazards, but the teenager will be subject to the side eyes from the society.

Their personal information can be misused:

If you are going on a vacation and pretty excited about it so that you announce the potential time and venue beforehand, the predator, who has been keeping an eye on you may track you down there and commit crime against you, such as plundering or other allied misdemeanors.

Their home will be at risk too:

If you add up strangers in your social media accounts so the pictures of your near and dear ones are no longer safe. As much as you, they too are at risk to be subjected to crimes. Also, few teenagers share their home location too over their pictures which can invigorate the love-struck stalkers to track them down and hence of course, the risk factor always remains.

Predators can excavate their personal information:

They can spam your feed to sneak into your back account details to wring it dry of money eventually so you need to take extra care before thinking about adding a stranger up in your social media account.

Random friend requests – Also, having many mutual friends doesn’t make the stranger trustworthy, you need to pry on many things about him to finally add him up.

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