Benefits Of Yoga : Doing It From Early Age

“Health is wealth”

This proverb is not meant to say as a dialogue but to implement in day to day life. We all know a regular physical exercise will keep us healthy, fit, and active. How many of we practice it regularly? All diseases that are happened to us in the old age are inherited from young age.

The workloads, stress, depression, anxiety, irregular eating habits, lack of physical activity, lack of nutrition are the trademark of young people. Hectic lifestyles, lack of adequate rest are the symbol of the modern life style.  All these are the foundation to old age health challenges like cancer, cardio vascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, blood pressure and many more.

We can alter the old age health challenges from young age by a very small practice of doing “Yoga”. Doing yoga from the early age have numerous benefits.

Let’s discuss benefits of yoga one by one.

Physical benefits:

In childhood you are very active in the play ground. That will keep you flexible and strong. While enter into college and professional life playing games is like day dream. Regular yoga practices will replacement of those activities in young age. It keeps your body flexible. You are naturally flexible from birth and gradually became stick and jam while growing old. By yoga you can bring back your old body or maintain it for life long. Yoga also makes your muscle strong. Strength and flexibility in the body make you less injured during physical mishaps.

It also enhances your endurance, stamina and disease preventing immune system of your body. If you are gaining weight due to your activity less lifestyle, than find yoga as a solution. The breath movement in yoga helps reaching oxygen to all parts of the body from toe to brain. Your skin look glow and your overall body figure will be attractive. Clearly you will become handsome and good looking with a regular practice of Yoga.

Economical Benefits:

An early morning yoga session will keep you active for whole day long. A Yogasana called “Halasana” is increase the physical awareness.  It will increase your performance in the work. Yoga also increases your concentration power and so as your ability to work. You will be more productive in your work. More productive means more earning. More earning will make you happy. A happy person lives more than an unhappy person.

Mental Benefits:

Yoga helps to make you calm, cool, poise. You will never get stressed or depressed by any event. Your anxiety is in control. No hormonal disorder found in your body. That helps preventing several metabolic or life style diseases like alzheimer’s, parkinson’s disease etc.

You will much aware about the surrounding, better understanding of the situation around you. That will help you react properly and you are in control. No one or no any event can mentally mess up with you. Yoga helps you meet to yourself the real you inner your heart. It increases the spiritual power in life. It increases your self esteem. There is an Asana Called “Sinhasana” which mean the pause of Lion. This yoga pause helps develop courage, confident, attacking nature and braveness like lion.

Benefit of yoga is unlimited. The more you practice you will experience the greatness of it. If you are lacking physical activity in your regular life, then you can adopt Yoga as an alternative. Starting yoga from the young age has more benefit than old age. It doesn’t need much space for it. You can do it on your roof or in floor or in balcony.

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