12 Fascinating Facts About India We Bet You Didn’t Know

Facts of India

Facts of India – There is no dearth of surprising facts about India.

It has a series of such wonders that never fails to astonish you. You can never know the country in its entirety. The more you explore, the more you want to do.

So, here are some of such mind-blowing facts of India :-

Facts of India –

1. Making a one rupee coin costs 1.14 rupees:

The one rupee note is introduced after a passage of 20 years and its production cost surpasses its value, 1.14 rupees, the RTI has revealed.

2. India boasts of the second largest PEPSI bottling plant in the World:

The U.S soft drink giant has turned its eyes on India to establish the second best bottling business through Varun Beverages Ltd. (VBL)

3. The Marottichal village in Kerala started playing Chess to fight illicit gambling and alcoholism:

This village of Kerala has given up on alcohol and gambling that stood as an inspiration to the nation at large. The Puthur Gram of Thissur which brews beer locally, had its whole population addicted to its once but it nevertheless managed to denounce the addiction.

4. India is the only country to use MRP on its products:

No matter if it’s a punishable offence to charge more price than the printed maximum retail, the product can be sold at an actual price with a discount of 90 percent.

5. There is total 11% of World’s Gold is hold by the Indian households:

India is held in high regard for the percentage of gold from all over the World its households possess. Approximately $600 billion of wealth in gold Indian housewives possess.

6. India has more cows than the number of cars the US has:

Perhaps you didn’t know but they add to the global warming than the cars in the country.

7. Ghari detergent is more than 5000 crore rupee worth:

It is a product of Rohit Surfactants Private Limited (RSPL) whose estimated sales are more than 5000 crore rupee worth.

8. India’s has more people with IQs over 120 than the total population of US:

And we should be proud of it!

9. The Pen Drive was created by an Indian-American Ajay Bhatt:

Intel’s chief system technologist Ajay Bhatt created the USB technology.

10. Rooh Afza is 112 years old:

11. Farmers used Coca Cola and PEPSI as pesticides in 2004 and got equally good results:

This happened in the state of Chattisgarh where these two drinks were used as pest control and it yielded successful results.

12. The lonar lake in Maharashtra was created by a Meteor and is one of its kind in the World:

This is the only Meteoric Crater in India which is located in the Buldhana district of Maharashtra.

These are the facts of India – So, these are the fun facts we bet you didn’t know about India. Thank us later for feeding fat your general knowledge.

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