10 Lesser Known Interesting Facts of INDIA Will Definitely Blow Your Mind

Facts about India
  1. Vegetarian friendly Country in the world

In India there are many Indians who raise eyebrows when they hear “I’m a vegetarian”. Isn’t it? But, India is surprisingly the most “vegetarian” friendly country in the world.

Even if you call out and make faces for “Non-vegetarians”, but still Indians have a lowest rate of meat consumption.


  1. Taj Mahal

Here is one of the interesting facts about India. “The Taj” is one among the world’s wonders. No doubt, the sign of pure love Taj Mahal is the magnificence personified. And, many visit the eye pleasing Taj but not many are aware that it’s actually remains closed on “Friday”.

So, if you ever take a visit make sure you are known with this fact.

Facts about India

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