When You Know That You Have Hit The Rock Bottom Of Your addiction


Addiction, especially drug abuse is common phenomenon among the youth.

They become prone to addiction when they cross the threshold of school and join college. Some colleges are still in supine mode when the cases of drug abuse and addiction are soaring up by fits and starts. Some young guns have even come to such a sorry-state that that shook us in horror.

Today’s youth toe the line of celebs and in the case of drug abuse too, they follow them in blindfolds to be ‘cool’ but they are too young and vulnerable to understand when they have hit the rock bottom.

To tell you, when something dramatic or destructive happens, an addict knows that he has hit the rock bottom. Take for instance, they have lost job, ended up in jail, given rounds of rehabs with no visible progress.

Precisely, they are the square peg in a round whole in this society.

However, we take reference from the real life and try to understand how things are rolling. Many bloggers have come clean breast of their drug abuse stories and shared the experience of their ‘Hitting the rock bottom’ moment.

In the initial phase when you are drug abusing, you seem to have wings and you don’t feel that your feet is on the ground at all. You are engulfed by a psychedelic web that you have never experienced before.

Drugs transport you into a parallel universe where there are no wear and tear of the regular world which seems more inviting to them, a refuge I gather. Being high on drug, he seems to lose track of time, stops recognizing his people and behaves in a way that is not acceptable for the civilized society. It is an equally nerve-wrecking experience for his family members as they stand paralyzed not knowing how to bring their loved one back to life. Even worse, when the cravings for drugs is full blown, the victim sometimes develops animal instincts in them. Think, doesn’t the merest thought of it send the chills down your spine?

Most people who drug abused for a long period of time complained that they started having liver problems gradually although they quite enjoyed it in the initial few days. Those people may have had a promising career that which they gave up on drug’s account without being remotely repentant about it. Of course they repented when knew that they have hit the rock bottom. You know that you are stuck in the murk of darkness when you start contemplating suicide and you are disharmonious with the pleasures of life. Some people ruined their relationship with their soulmates in wake of drugs and some set extreme bad examples for their children by passing out on Christmas eve.

Sobriety has another sort of magnetism, you need a right pair of eyes to see it. You only understand that you are being back in that state when you snap ties with your addicting by strong will power. There is no alternative to being healthy and happy, but you need to realize it first.

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