What if Twilight Was Remade In Hindi?

Our vibrant imagination notches up a take on how we wish the Twilight saga recreated in Hindi in true Bollywood style. Read on.

The Twilight saga came and conquered while we gaped at it! The paperback made it huge on celluloid when the trio of Robert Pattison, Kirsten Stewart and Taylor Lautner came together. Now the far sighted Bollywood buffs that we are, we wish the installment of the Twilight saga were made in our B-town style! Here are the elements that could be exclusive to the Bolly twilight if we had the liberty!

The Cast: 

Well, we do want to see Shahrukh Khan with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Salman Khan. Yes, the naughty minds we have, we wish to see some real men fight out like dogs over a sexy woman-turned vampire. Yes, we did have funky imagination with Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone too. And by a comparative analysis, we pick the later Jodi as more Twilight worthy than the first older combo.

As far as the supporting cast is concerned, we could bring in all the biggie stars to make special appearances. The wolves and the vampires could come in Rocky S tagged accessories, we do not mind. And yes, our Deepika could actually turn more heads than Stewart ever did.

Dancing Around Trees:

Well, the cinematography of Twilight series made us drool over pine trees and mountain top grasslands. If that had to be recreated in Bolly, then we suggest that the actors get to do some latkas and jhatkas on top. The literal fulfillment of dancing round trees indeed!

The Sex Scenes:

If Ramleela was any measure of steam, then we want more sex scenes in the Hindi version. And yes, Deepika has more heat to offer than frail Stewart could ever imagine!

The Setting:

Well, we want an all Indian location and Shimla or Kullu could be the best haunts to shoot the flick at. More so, because you could actually get loads of too-fair people without having to go in for excess prosthetics for the vampire versus werewolves clash.

If there are movie makers reading this, we earnestly plead to get going to make this desire a reality. The Padukone babe could sizzle while the Ranbir-Ranveer combo could light upon the screen. And yes, we do want more u close smooching scenes while also throwing in Ranveer’s flair for sex out in the open. After his Do The Rex moves, we sure could never find anyone better to rock it best on bed!

Disclaimer—All things writing here might be matter of fact in tone but we do not claim as to the existence of any such buzz. Twilight is neither being made by Bollywood, in Bollywood or for Bollywood. We just yearn that it does get made in our grand style.


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