What Happens To The Costumes That Bollywood Actors Wear In Movies?

What Happens To The Costumes

What Happens To The Costumes?

Have you ever wondered what happens to the costumes that actors and actresses wear?

A lot of clothes are used but what is done to them and where they are stacked later?

We know that some popular ones are auctioned off for movie memorabilia attract many buyers who are ready to pay a huge sum.

But what about the costumes that extras wear?

Are they reused or simply stacked and thrown later?

Read on to know about the same.

Reused by production house or sold out.

Not every production house follows reuse rule but yes many do retain the outfits for future use.

So they keep all the clothes in trunks or what is famously known as petis. And they are later mixed and match and reused for extras in other movies.

For example, Farah Khan had sported the same saree that was donned by Madhuri Dixit from movie Hum Aapke Hai Kaun. It is not like only Bollywood, but also television entertainment sector believes in reusing the costumes.

Many sell them to thrift stores.

Given as Gifts

Either they are given as gifts to the actors who are involved in the film. And even sometimes actors do take home some outfits as a souvenir.

If they think that some role that was performed is worth cherished forever then their costumes are sometimes retained by them for nostalgia sake.

The designer takes back

If they are on the rent then they are returned back to suppliers and if the outfits are by celebrity designers then they are taken back and of course, the charges are incurred by the production houses.

Bollywood’s fashion designer, Leepakshi Ellawadi, was quoted the following statement by media house, “For a designer, once the film’s shoot is complete, so is the job.

What the production house or the stars do with the outfits, is their prerogative. Often an actor wants to add his or her touch to his/her look in the film and gets stuff from his/her own wardrobe.”

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