What Do Celebrities Use Inking For? Functional Perspectives of Stars’ Tattoos!

What is the actual purpose of Body Tattoos, which almost all the celebrities are bearing on their bodies today? Let us try and find out …

Why is that each day a Bollywood Celebrity is heard of getting a new tattoo done?

Is that inking self offers a gateway out of pain, frustration, anger, loneliness or depression?

Or is it that they serve some good purpose and are quite functional otherwise.

Well the answers are yet not found as there could be many scientific theories attached to Body Tattoos and their making, but one thing is for sure that more and more Bollywood celebs are bearing this art-form on their bodies, be it purely for the fun of it, or for some other light-dark reasons!

Body Tattoos are not that easy to get done. They give a lot of pain. In ancient ages, the excerpts have been found in American and Greek culture where Tattooing was used as a form of punishment given to the offenders of the society, for the pain it gives to the person whose body is pierced with needles.

Later it was taken up by immoral class who wanted to put themselves apart from rest of the society, who wanted to say “We are Different”. Putting permanent ink under the skin was definitely considered immoral act back then. But today, it has become a rage among all, especially our actors and performers. 

What are the Functionalist Perspectives to Tattoo Making?

The two perspectives that I can gauge are:

  1. Tattoos are Freedom of Choice – Fundamentally Functional
  2. Tattoos Help Promote Free Trade – Economically Functional

Beyond that, let us try and find out other perspectives of B-Town behind the Body Inking!

Shruti Hasan’s “Rise” Tattoo on her feet – Inspiringly Functional?? Is it?

Saif Ali Khan’s “Kareena” Tattoo on his arm – Lovingly Functional? Saves Love Life?

Deepika Padukone’s “RK” Tattoo on her neck (which of course is a waste now) – Lovingly Functional Again?

Ajay Devgn’s “Lord Shiva” Tattoo on his chest – Religiously Functional?

Hrithik and Suzzane Roshan’s Identical “Star” Tattoos on their wrist – Bindingly Functional? Did it work?

Kangana Ranaut’s “Wings, Crown, and Sword” Tattoo on the nape of her neck – “I am a Fighter” Daringly Functional?

Ranbir Kapoor’s Devnagri “Awara” Tattoo on his arm – “Free Bird” Proclaimingly Functional?

Rakhi Sawant’s “Sun” Tattoo on her shoulder – “I am the Extreme Power” Narcissistically Functional?

Apart from all the above, celebs like Arjun Rampal and  Akshay Khiladi Kumar have their kids’ names inked on their body for all the good reasons. They must be serving some purpose for sure.

Celebes like Priyanka Chopra, Esha Gupta, Richa Chadda and the recent addition Arjun Kapoor flaunt the love for their parents through their tattoos.

Well, whatever objective they are Meating errr…. Meeting … out of those serious ink expressions on their bodies, our celebrities do not fail as Trend Setters!

Whatever they do, we as their ardent fans do not miss to follow them blindly!

Anyone up for “I am a Blind Fan” Tattoo? 

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