Wanted! A Man To Satisfy Madhuri, Sridevi And Kajol, Togther! Who Is Interested?

We talk on a fictional story about possible remake of Shaukeens with women protagonists. This can be a new way of promoting feminism and who better than three of the best Indian actresses to play lead roles.

Okay guys, before the horses of your imagination start running in the censored directions, hold them!

It is not what you think!

No, no man is required in his personal capacity to make these darling divas, the evergreen beauties, the most talented actresses of Indian cinema, happy and satisfied.

It is all about professional requirements as an actor and that too, if someone is interested in our suggestion.

Let’s tell you what we are talking about.

This is the season of remakes and one movie which is generating good amount of publicity is the remake of Shaukeen, which will be released soon as The Shaukeens!

The original was made in 1980’s and talks about three old men, past even senior citizen status and their naughty sexual escapades. The remake is promising same kind of titillating fun with three oldies flirting with girls old enough to be their grand-daughters!

This made us wonder that when the times are changing, why we are still showing old men running after young girls.

Why can’t women have fun?

In an equal society, both men and women of any age have equal rights to fall in love or have fun the way they want, right? It is high time that older women are shown coming out of the closet and are shown choosing the man or men they want; whether to marry or just flirt or just indulge in temporary flings!

There are only three women who can do justice to such a role in contemporary times. Madhuri Dixit, Sridevi and Kajol are the most talented actresses India has ever produced and all three of them are not doing much work.

Madhuri is trying hard, but none of her movies is setting the box office on fire.

Sridevi, on her comeback, tasted success with English-Vinglish, but post that has vanished again.

Kajol is also not seen that often and is badly missed by her fans.

It would be so cool to have these three divas from different eras of Hindi cinema to work together in a movie which, given these actresses’ sensibilities, will be sexy, fun yet clean and not vulgar! And yes, it will be a sure-shot blockbuster as men will go crazy to find these sexy girls flirting and drooling over men in the flick.

The question remains, which guy should be cast opposite them? A newcomer or an established star? A big actor or a small one?

A teenager or man in his 20’s?

If you guys have something to suggest, do let us know!

We just hope that some film-makers are bold enough to find merit in this idea and come forward to make a movie which will be really different, entertaining and will cater to audience of all ages!

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