Here’s What SRK Does To Make His WIFE Gauri Khan Laugh! Guys, Are You Listening?

Trick SRK Use To Make Gauri Khan Laugh

Trick SRK Use To Make Gauri Khan Laugh – Undoubtedly, SRK has a great sense of humor.

IF you want to find out “How Funny SRK is?” then check out his Twitter and Instagram captions too. The saying “A man with good sense of humor is attractive” completely belongs to SRK. IF not looks (just saying) SRK can easily win hearts by cracking jokes. No matter how cheap they are, he’ll make sure that the opposite person is laughing and having a great time at-least. No doubt, Gauri Khan is lucky to be his partner. Just imagine having a partner who knows how to set your mood right by cracking jokes when you’re sad.

Isn’t that amazing? “Lucky” is the word. On Twitter and in interviews, SRK makes sure to make us laugh with his witty comments, right. Have you ever wondered about how he makes Gauri Khan laugh? In an interview with Simi Garewal, he opened up about the trick he uses to make his gorgeous WIFE “Gauri Khan” laugh.

Guys, are you listening? Note this down as it’ll help you to impress your GF. 🙂

So, back to the question, how does he make Gauri Khan laugh? “He makes FUNNY Qawwalis out of classic Hindi songs in order to entertain and make Gauri Khan laugh.”

I’m imagining him singing Qawwalis in my mind. Are you doing the same? Hehe! No matter what; I’m pretty sure he must be adding some twist and Funny notes to make Gauri Khan laugh. Seriously, he is the MAN who knows that it’s very important to make others laugh. One has to admit, that he is a true Gentleman.

The fact that he is a “Family Man” is also attractive enough. He is not just a great person but he is truly an inspirational person. IF you’ve watched his TED talk, then you’ll relate to the things I just mentioned.

51 is just a number, we are yet to see him in many movies, right? So, let me add the thing you want to say now “WE LOVE YOU SRK.”

This was all about the trick SRK use to make Gauri Khan laugh.

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