5 Turning Points In Life That Transform Boys Into Men!


Boyhood is a beautiful phase of life when there are carefree days and dreamy nights.

Boys are but boys, and they just want to live the life to the core, the way they want it.

But, there are certain life situations that turn boys into mature men.

What are those?

Let’s have a look t the Turning Points In Life:

  1. Losing Father or A Close Guardian Figure In Family

Life is carefree and full of fun under the guidance of a father or a close guardian in the family. Discipline is there, but then there is a confidence of someone backing you up no matter what you do! Punishments are common, but one knows that dad is going to ultimately save his back, maybe even give him a pat on his back for doing something brave. A sudden death is not what a young boy is prepared for and as soon as he realizes that the only caretaker is no more, life changes in a second! A sense of responsibility dawns that is enough to turn a boy into a man!

  1. Starting A Career

Life in college or school is full of fun, pranks and mindless laughter. Coming into the professional world changes everything. All the more especially if a boy selects his career in the defence forces. A teenager one day, an officer the next day! The hard core grilling schedule is anyways famous for turning boys into men! The fact that one learns from day one to not only save his life, but also of his fellow countrymen puts a huge responsibility on their shoulders.

  1. Getting Into A Serious Relationship or Getting Married

With friends you can be yourself. There is no need to be extra careful about hurting feelings or being extra formal or any responsibility. However, once a boy enters a serious relationship or gets married, life changes. There is a responsibility as well as a concern for your partner. Not only one gets to know his feelings, but also starts respecting others’ feelings as well! This in itself is enough to make a boy mature into a man!

  1. The Quest To Earn Bread For Self And Family

Till the time only books and games are your best friends, life is very easy. The day you realize that you have to be the breadwinner of your family and many mouths are waiting for you to feed them, an inner transformation takes place. It is easy to criticize when we don’t get something from our parents or family, but when we have to provide the same thing to them, that’s when we realize the real value of it!

  1. A Major Financial Or Emotional Setback

Money always makes a defining impact on anyone’s personality! When you’re getting regular pocket money or have enough money in your account to live life on your terms, it’s all good. The day you feel that there isn’t enough left to even survive, that’s when the value of survival strikes you and you get serious! For some, more than the money it is the emotional setback, like girlfriend leaving for some rich guy or some relative backstabbing you and your family in business! These instances definitely turn boys into men in no time!

It is always good to transform into a man from being a boy through natural process instead of some unfortunate incident pushing you towards it!

However, both phases of life are interesting!

Go ahead, enjoy them both!

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