6 NEW Videos Of SRK’s Daughter Suhana Khan’s Dance And Acting That Prove She Is B-Town Ready!

Dance And Acting Videos Of Suhana Khan

Dance And Acting Videos Of Suhana Khan – 

Suhana Khan is a talented girl.

We all saw it when her acting video went viral, right? She literally killed it. She was looking cute in her blue dress, and the way she was delivering her dialogues was phenomenal. She was seen performing during a school function. The Cinderella in the play was a little mean, and Suhana nailed the act.

You know, everyone was talking about Suhana’s amazing acting skills. You must’ve gossiped about it too. Hehe! You know, it was worth gossiping about because Suhana proved it that she’s absolutely Bollywood ready. Other than that, we all know that Suhana has many Instagram followers. I mean, her account is private but there are many fans who keep sharing her cute pictures and videos. Recently, I came across her Fan page SUHANIAN (Suhana’s Fans) where many pictures and videos are been shared. Stumbling upon that page, there were other videos that really left me awe-struck.

You know what; now I’m damn excited to see her acting in movies. She’s only 17 right now, but you know, anything can happen in the Bollywood industry.

So, take a look at these videos and have a good day. (Note – I bet that many of you will be excited to see her in movies.)

Here are six videos (1 includes her dancing one)

Here’s the dance video – 

Undoubtedly, SRK must be very proud of his daughter as he has always supported her and her choices openly. Once SRK even revealed that Suhana is interested in acting and even I want her to be on magazine covers like my other Bollywood actresses. He even revealed once that Suhana is interested to learn acting, and it’s just that he has no idea which institute in India is good enough to teach acting.

Other than that, we all are totally in-love with Suhana Khan’s acting.

Dance And Acting Videos Of Suhana Khan – Any thoughts? Comment below.

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