Can Sunny Leone Have A One Night Stand? And How?

Sunny Leone and her one night stand – Sunny Leone has accepted to have had one night stands before marriage. She denies having them anymore though!

Sunny Leone and her sexual escapades!

What is there to know which hasn’t been already seen, discussed, debated and fantasized about? Trust her to have a few aces up her sleeve (if she is wearing something with sleeves, that is!!) and bring them out at the right time to create more curiosity about her more than open love and sex life!

This is what happened recently when she started promoting her next film, One Night Stand.

Well, if she is claiming to have a One Night Stand, then what are the rest of the dirty games called, that happen in front of the cameras?


Nevertheless, interesting name or rather an apt name given the lead actress’ personal life, isn’t it? This should be one film where she must be playing her role true to the character.

After all, given her experience, she is the only one who can bring real authenticity! Oh no, we are not saying that she is the only girl or rather the only person who has had one-night stands, but she seems to have mastered the art! This is what she said during the interview that yes, she had one-night stands, but before her marriage. Not only that, she also claims to have an excellent general knowledge as she claimed with super-confidence that everyone has had one night stands and those who deny it, are actually lying! Wow, isn’t she the divine goddess of knowledge who knows everything about everyone’s private bedroom lives?

Well, to some extent she might be true or else she won’t be ruling everyone’s bedrooms these days, right?

We don’t know if everyone does it, but yes the trend is definitely increasing and there is actually nothing wrong in it as well. As long as two consenting adults indulge in it with precautions and take responsibility for their behaviour while keeping their emotions in check, no one should have any problem with it.

The only good things that Sunny pointed out is that she use to have those raunchy one night stands when she was single, but now that she is married, she doesn’t need them with her loving husband around her! How cute and romantic, isn’t it?

However, what is the term given to scenes shown in a porn movie with a stranger? Is it just professional conduct or is it out of discussion since the movie is directed by husband and he doesn’t mind his wife having sex scenes with another man?

Well, who are we to comment or judge? For us, only thing matters is that Sunny is trying her best to give us some solid legal and quality entertainment, so what if it is not her forte? She is learning hard and we do hope that she learns to become a better actress in a regular Hindi film as her expertise is already proven in the ones which are secretly seen and shared!

Good luck to her movie One Night Stand and hope more people listen to her advice about doing it while being single, with precautions!

Enjoy her performance guys on and on and on until and unless the movie is so bad that it runs for only one night!

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