9 Stupid And Funny Bollywood Movie Dialogues Will Make You Go WTF+ROFL

Stupid Bollywood Movie Dialogues

 Stupid Bollywood Movie Dialogues

Bollywood is definitely a world of entertainment filled with songs, item numbers and the list goes on.

In our Bollywood industry dialogues have their own language.

The iconic ones are registered in history and some are so extremely famous that they are a part of our conversations as well.

But Bollywood has offered some hilarious and senseless dialogues from the movies too.

Yes, let’s take a look at the dialogues that sounds stupid and funny at the same time.

  1. Agar tum safed saree mein lal bindi lagakar aa jao, toh maa kasam ambulance lagogi.

(Chashme Badoor)

Translation – (If you come wearing a white saree and a red bindi, than swear on my mom you’ll look like an ambulance)

What? Really? Thank god there’s no sound mentioned here to make it more senseless.


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