Triumph Rocket III ‘“ The Hulking Beast

The Triumph Rocket III has everything that you don’t find in the company’s other bikes. But the design is very British like.

Triumph Rocket III – This bike is one hell of a giant; it is huge. 

Well, that is how it is going to be looked upon not just by other motorcycles, but even by small cars. Recently, we made a gallant attempt to tame thi – s hulking beast on one of the busy roads in Delhi. It was one memorable experience! 

Moving away from the tradition 

Traditionally, you would know, the British are popularly known for manufacturing some of the best motorbikes in the world. Some of the popular traits that you could always associate with a British made bike include: superb handling, excellent and smooth agility and of course weigh light. Going by these typical features you would begin to contemplate what made Triumph build the Rocket III. You can’t help but ask, what were they thinking when they decided to go ahead with the production of Rocket III. 

At least by the look of Rocket III, it would appear that Triumph has broken its typical traits as far as producing bikes is concerned; because this bike has nothing in common to what the company has dished out  previously. At first people are more likely to get intimidated by its sheer size and built. However, we can assure you that the Rocket III, its beastly appearance notwithstanding, has more to it than what meets the eye. 

The design is very British like with power packed features 

If we take a look at the design of this bike, it would appear that it has got a typical British feel. And at the core of it, the bike is very, very masculine that comes from the huge inline-three 2.3 litre motor, which actually forms the main part of the entire design; and it would seem the rest of the bike is built around it. There are elements like the bulbous fuel tank, wide handlebars, twin headlights (bug-eyed), massive air box, comfortable and smooth saddle, and twin pod instrument console that make this bike what it is – a complete powerhouse of speed and smoothness. Besides, the three chrome exhaust pipes that juts out of the three cylinders gives this bike its unique identity. If the idea behind the production of this bike was to intimidate people, we believe Triumph has succeeded in doing that quite effortlessly. 

Is it too bulky for comfort?

So this brings us to a question; is the Rocket III the highest capacity production bike in the world now that is produced by a frontline firm? Well, the answer is yes; quite a no-brainer really. This bike is big, and we can tell you that this feel of massiveness is going to stay on with you for a long time. After all, riding a 367 kg bike is no joke; and frankly speaking the weight is a little too much for a two wheeler.

Worth the price

This Triumph Rocket III is available in the Indian markets at price that ranges from 19 Lakh to 21 Lakh. If you are a real bike enthusiast and love to experiment with new technologies, this is one bike that would leave you awestruck. But make sure you are well built too!

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