Watch Video – THIS Was SRK’s First Role In 1989 English TV Film “In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones”!

SRK In Old Movies

SRK In Old Movies – Are you wondering when did that happen? I know it’s a bit surprising, but yeah, it happened.

Shah Rukh Khan’s first role in 1989 English TV Film “In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones” will make you smile and adore him. Trust me; Young SRK is looking damn hot. Some of us were not even born during that time (1989), right? Well, anyways, I saw the clip and I totally love every second of it.

I certainly guess that you will love it too.

Firstly, let me tell you something about the film, “Annie struggles to clear his bachelor’s degree with one final hurdle-The Thesis. It’s his final attempt to clear it. So can he?” Alright, to make it simple, let me tell you that this movie narrates the funny life of student architecture in the final year of his college.

The story and screenplay was done by Arundhati Roy, and it was director by Pradip Krishen.

Well, getting back to SRK’s role, I found out the video on YouTube, and in that video, SRK is having a funny conversation with his classmate. If you see the entire movie, then it’ll really make you laugh, because the genre of this movie is Comedy.

SRK can be seen playing the role of a senior student in the movie.

Have a look all by yourself and enjoy it.

His dialogue saying – (What do you mean really?) is something that you shouldn’t miss. If you’re willing to watch the entire movie, then YouTube has uploaded it too. (Watch when you’re free and have a good time)

Once again, SRK’s name has been mentioned at 1:51:57 in the credits list of “other students.”


This film has won many awards including National Film Award for Best Feature Film In English.

SRK In Old Movies – Any thoughts? 

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