Keep These Things In Mind Before You Think About Dating A Friend Of Your Ex

Dating a friend of your ex

“Dating A Friend Of Your Ex”

At first place, there’s a rule that we have heard in our life- “You should never ever date a friend of your Ex” or “Dating a friend of your ex is like ruining your reputation”. Right?

C’mon! It is just a myth and it’s completely fine if you’ve been attracted to your ex’s friend. Love is a beautiful feeling and we get attracted to people and if it’s your ex’s friend it is all right.

Well, it might be hard to digest and you might hesitate a little to share it with your friends. But, it is a normal feeling and you don’t need to fade that forcefully by turning down the facts that it’ll make you feel happy about yourself.

In a positive way; keep these factful things in mind before dating a friend of your ex.

  1. Think about it all over again

Before you jump into a relationship; make sure you think about it from every perspective. I mean, ask yourself are you really in love or is it just a normal crush. Having a crush is good but it doesn’t mean that it’ll last. So just think about it again because being attracted doesn’t mean that you are in love. Get it?

  1. Good Intentions

No doubt, the truth comes out sooner or later. Many people date their ex’s friend only to take a revenge and sometimes they even use other people to get close to their ex. So, before anything comes up make sure the love is real and with a good intention.

Don’t forget to think about which cup of tea you’re trying to taste.

  1. Talk to your ex

Yes, you should talk about it with your ex. Ask him his nature and stuff so that it’ll help you understand your ex’s friend a lot better. Don’t let him decide for you but get the inner information first because if the guy is your ex’s best friend then it’ll help you a lot.

  1. It might be hard to deal with your friend group

At first, if you’ve a common friend circle then chances are they might be a little upset about it. So, don’t rush it altogether before understanding the coming signs from your ex’s friend too.

Or even ask one or two sincere friends about what they think about the guy’s nature.

  1. Go ahead and do it for yourself

No matter what happens; if you think the guy is right for you and it’s definitely love then go ahead with him.

Any thoughts? Do comments below.

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