Sonakshi Sinha All Set To Be An Action Star!

Latest development where in Sonakshi Sinha will act in a female-centric action flick directed by A.R Murugadoss. This will be an experiment not just for her but for us audiences’ as well.

Glamdoll turns kickass Action star!!

Yes, our every own gorgeous earthly beauty, Sonakshi Sinha who has charmed her way into our hearts with her beautiful smile, will soon be seen in a hard-core action film. She is teaming up with her Holiday director, the action-films maverick, A.R Murugadoss to be a part of his next venture, a female-centric action flick. She announced this breaking news on her twitter page saying, “its official! My next is a woman-oriented action film directed by the genius behind Ghajini & Holiday @ARMurugadoss! We start in November”.

Now, is this a good news or should we be alarmed?

Oh well, only those who poke fun at her should be worried.

Till now she has been smiling, seducing us all with her beauty, emotions and deadly expressions but there are many who paid no heed to her cajoling as an actress. They kept criticizing her for being over-weight or her non-existing acting skills. Beware those hate-mongers, for soon she will arrive, wearing her brand-new action gear, flaunting her newly-found action-bone to kick some ass!!

As far as her weight issues her concerned, she has fought them all and presented us with a newer, sexier version of hers in the recent release, Holiday! The movie has generated good business but those who have seen the movie are still searching for her acting skills. Don’t know if she lost those non-existing skills with her weight somewhere! However, that should be a blessing in disguise since she signed her next movie as an action heroine, just like Angelia Jolie in Lara Croft.

The director must have thought that action-scenes will not require her acting abilities, so better to use her physical beauty to attract fans to theatres!

Okay, okay that was too harsh on her as an actress but then someone has to raise the point, isn’t it?

She is going to play a college student in the movie and will undergo a 30-day workshop to learn specific martial arts form from Kerala. Now, only if she devoted some days out of her busy schedule of promoting fancy products to learn some acting skills, movie-viewing will become such a pleasure.

One person who would be truly happy to see Sonakshi as an action-heroine would be the villain of that movie who would eventually be bashed up in climax. After all it is not everyday that one gets the complete attention of such a sexy girl, even if to get beaten-up!

Enough of her leg-pulling guys, on a serious note it definitely is good news that so early in her career, Sonakshi is experimenting and at least trying something different.

Hope she succeeds and gives her fans something really exciting and enjoyable. Good luck, Sona!

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