#MTVBringBackParth Gains Momentum As MaNan Fans Wants To Be Heard!


Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan is one of those shows that has generated a crazy fan following.

The show has been lately in the news because of Parth Samthaan’s (Manik) exit from the show.

The show recently came with season 2 minus the most loved character of Manik.

Fans are not at all pleased with this, and well they have all the reasons.

Earlier it was rumoured that the show will end however the makers came up with season 2.

While the cast of the show remains unchanged, but Parth’s absence is hitting the channel and show the hard way.

Fans have been writing to MTV to at least give a closure to their favourite Manik and Nandini (MaNan) love story.

We can understand the emotions of fans as they were used to MaNan and wanted a happy ending for their favourites.

We bring out some of the tweets by the fans who are trying their best to be heard and just want a happy ending to their favourite MaNan.

They also specified they aren’t against any character or actors of the show, but just want to be heard.

Channel’s silence has also infuriated the fans.

Look at their tweets and you’ll know their concern..

This tweet sums it all!

Fans just want a happy ending and well sounds fair, because let’s admit it, although the show was all about yaariyaan, MaNan love story was beyond everything. MaNan fans have a special connect with star and fireflies and I believe that is hurting them even more.

It was fans efforts that made the show come back with season 2. Check out the tweets by the writer of the show.

He also congratulated fans on the success of their trend.

Fan power!

Niti Taylor requested fans to just give the season 2 a chance. Here’s what she shared,

Well, it’s pretty hard on the actors who are working hard to make the show successful. Not really actors fault.

Now the question remains will MTV really bring back Parth Samthaan?

Time will tell.

We just hope a happy closure for everyone.

What do you think?

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