Sonakshi Enters Arjun’s Space…Click To Know How?!

‘˜Tevar’ starring Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha is going to hit the theaters this Friday. Click to know how Sonakshi entered Arjun Kapoor’s space making him feel…

Sonakshi’s charm seems to have struck a deep chord with not only Boney Kapoor but also the entire unit of the film ‘Tevar’. ‘Tevar’ starring Arjun Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha is going to hit the theaters this Friday.

Did you guys see the song ‘Radha Nachegi’ from the movie? That song made Arjun Kapoor feel completely left out. He felt as if he isn’t there only in the movie. It was all about Sonakshi.

Sonakshi ka jaadoo seems to have blind folded the entire cast and crew. The song ‘Radha Naachegi’ is the introduction song of Sonakshi in the film.

Boney Kapoor said that this expensive song shoot had about 1100 people, 200 to 300 dancers, 200 to 300 men in the lighting department, etc. DOP Laxman Utekar said in a video that it took 3 days to only light up the set for that song.

Whew!!! Wonder how Arjun Kapoor reacted to this!

Well how would he not complain if his own father Boney Kapoor and uncle Sanjay Kapoor is treating Sonakshi as their daughter? Sonakshi stole the thunder and oh my look at what Arjun Kapoor has to say…

With the grand video of ‘Radha Nachegi’ picturing Sonakshi…Arjun Kapoor jokingly reacts as his father making a film separately on ‘radha’.

He remarks about his father mistaking the song on ‘radha’ for a film.

Well the video says it all. The shoot was of a grand structure that went on for several nights.

Arjun Kapoor did however expect this to happen as he knew Sonakshi’s nature and the fact that she was quite capable of being liked by everyone.

But man she seems to have casted a spell on the entire team of ‘Tevar’.

Poor Arjun remarks about how his father, uncle, even everyone at Eros love Sonakshi more than they love him. (Awww)

He complained about his father Boney Kapoor and uncle Sanjay Kapoor who are the producers of this film giving all the attention to Sonakshi Sinha.

He said, “main toh hoon hi nahi” (as if am not there only).

The bond between Sonakshi and Boney Kapoor became so strong that Arjun Kapoor referred about his father protecting Sonakshi like his own daughter.

He said that his father didn’t even allow him to joke with Sonakshi on the sets. He talked of his father not instructing him much about the acting like the way he would come and instruct him about how to behave with Sonakshi.

Well cough cough…

Now that is a bit too much man.

It is one thing about spending all the money on her song, give her all the attention but to teach manners on how to behave with the lady… sniff sniff I can smell something burning.

Don’t worry Arjun Kapoor we are sure you have many fans out there to give you all the love and attention you need.

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