Now Kiss Your Long Distance Lover Through An App

Kiss your long distance lover

Kiss your long distance lover – Only a long distance couple can understand the pain of not being able to kiss your partner.

Well, the feeling sucks and when the love increases, you just can’t take it.

Guess what?

Now you will be able to kiss your partner even when he is 7 oceans away from you.

The Kissenger is a device that has been thumping around college labs throughout the previous couple of years and plans to give couple a chance to kiss each other through the web.

Kiss long distance lover

It’s a splendidly shaded cell phone holster with an enticing plastic cushion connected to the base. You bolt lips with the cushion and it transmits the sensation through an indistinguishable holster and an indistinguishable cushion that is settling your accomplice’s telephone wherever that might be.

The Kissenger works with weight sensors and actuators that record and transmit your kiss to the other gadget, which reproduces it for the individual on the flip side through an application that likewise highlights video calling.

The makers concede that there’s still an approach with regards to precisely making a long-remove make out session. First off, the cushion isn’t mouth-formed (despite the fact that the actuators are lined like lips) and there’s no reproduction for a tongue.

In any case, the makers demand that it’s as of now getting individuals acclimated to machine-based touching.

What’s more, besides, that it’s not being utilized as a part of an obviously sexual way. Even a mother or father can use it to kiss their children staying away from them for studies. Or a friend can use it to kiss a friend and many other people can use it for various methods.

So, now you can kiss your long distance lover – when are you getting Kissenger to make your long distance relationship less lonely?

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