#SinghamReturns With Innovative Capital Punishment For Criminals! New Song Is Launched!

We talk about the new song from Singham Returns, Aata Majhi Satakli. In short, it’s a torture we won’t recommend to the worst of enemies!

Aata Maajhi Satakli!!!

This is the exact gruesome emotion one experiences after listening to the new song from Ajay Devgn starrer, Singham Returns!

What a torture! Third Degree Almost!

I guess, this might be a new way discovered to make someone pay for his sins.

It can actually replace the Capital Punishment Sentence for criminals!

Let us move away electric chairs, keep the lashes aside, just subject the sinner to this new rap song by Yo Yo Honey Singh and be assured, criminals will definitely forget to commit crimes! Sin might fade away from the face of earth all together! Why sin only, one can wipe out entire population simply by playing this song on public platforms! Who the heck can take this anguish?

We all can happily go back to Ice Age where such torture won’t even exist!!

You feel I am talking crap, is it?

Well, do listen to the song and you will soon join me in my genuine tirade against Rohit Shetty and team for offering a song of this class. Come to think of it, Aata Majhi Satakli was a super-hit dialogue from their previous flick together, Singham. It gained cult status amongst the mass audiences who like their payisa-vasool entertainment. The makers thought, let’s capitalize on it and make a rap song featuring Ajay, Honey Singh and Kareena Kapoor! What next, an entire movie on this dialogue? Seriously!

The only sensible thing about the song is that thankfully, Ajay hasn’t been asked to shake a leg on it.

Since he is playing a hard-hitting cop, it would have been idiotic to watch him do a step or two. However, Kareena is a Marathi mulgi in the movie so she is shown in full Laoni get up with lyrics to support her character as well. She looks pretty as usual so nothing new about it! However, looking at almost 100 kids dancing on the supposedly foot-tapping music made us wonder if all the anger they were portraying was an act or was it a natural emotion for being a part of such a stupid number? Guess, I will never know! Don’t even want to!

This number with a mixture of Hindi, English and Marathi lyrics has a music which sounds jaded and similar to many of Honey Singh’s previous songs. It seems he is turning out these rap songs from a factory he owns back home, where much singing isn’t required. One just need to repeat a few words, every now and then, in pre-fixed format and a repetitive music keeps playing loud in the background in a loop, and lo, the song is ready!

Well, for those die-hard fans of Rohit Shetty and Team, no offence, but seriously guys, I expect a lot better from director Rohit Shetty since he has given us back to back entertainers in these last few years.

If this song is a hint of things to come, then someone please save us from this bone-crashing assault!

Hail the Bollywood Music! 

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