Number Astrology To Decode Personality Using Time Of Birth

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The combination of numerology and astrology has been one of the traditional ways to find out the traits of a person, using time of birth. It is a study in which numerology is a blend of science and mathematics. It is used to find out the personality and traits of a person. People always want to know about the future and personality from the day of birth of a kid. It may be the curiosity to know the goods and bad times in the future. It is an ancient method of astrology that is determined by the calculations of the date of birth.

This numerological method is still popular in astrology that people believe. To a far extent, people find it to be the best way to use it to develop or streamline the life of kids.

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Time of birth, 12 house and relationship with Horoscope

All the planets are involved in the calculation of the horoscope of a person. The significance of the planets is different and their influences are effective that can be determined by the numbers. Including the magical blended study of science and mathematics, its chart has different sections. D2, D3, D5, D9, D10, and similar divisions are the nakshatra that is presently used to precisely calculate the personality trait of a person.

One of the most useful ways that the Indians use to know about the life of people. It can be to know about the career or for marriages; Indians have trust in the horoscope and its predictions. Predict and learn about the lucky numbers, the hard times, and the best times of life are predicted in astrology.

The power of the different directions according to the Vedas, the four phases cannot be ignored. While the houses in the horoscope and their influences are essential to know the position and effects on the person. Learning of the houses, its good and malefic conditions at different stages of life are predicted by the horoscope predictions.

Numerical study for the horoscope

Other parts taken into consideration to determine the numerical astrology during the time and date of birth are the:

  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Zodiac signs

The studies are possible by scientifically calculating the positions of the

  • Planets
  • Celestial bodies

The universal elements are involved to determine the luck and future of a person. As the positions and influence of the bodies are essential to calculate the personal traits of the person.

The numerology in astrology is a chart that is used to identify and predict future aspects. It is mostly in practice to pre-determine life and success overcoming the obstacles. Often due to the malefic houses during the birth, the personality traits may face some unexpected hardships. No doubt it will always affect the peace of mind and happiness of a person.

On-time determination of the hardship can help a person to become cautious and unable to defeat the tough times. The scientific study with knowledge and prediction together is also incomplete without the exact time and date. A change in it will misguide the experts in accurate horoscope determination.





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