Sex Is Best When It Is Dirty! But This Dirty?

We talk about Mallika Sherawat in Dirty Politics. Her sex scenes with Om Puri are looking so gross that a new benchmark can be created for worse sex scenes of the century.

Sex in movies has always been the most important ingredient to guarantee its success or to at least get the audience interested in a movie.

Who else but Mallika Sherawat can relate to this fact whole-heartedly?

The girl, who made her career out of smooches and sensual-but-on-the-verge-of-looking-vulgar sex scenes, is at it again.

In other words, Mallika is back with her trademark performance: doing sex scenes!

This time, however, the problem is that she has crossed all limits of bearable sex. Or we should say the movie she is in, is going to make sex look so disgusting that very soon someone will have to organize an award function for the most disturbing and emotionally torturing sex-scenes of Bollywood!




All the awards will go to Mallika Sherawat for sure!

The film we are talking about is Dirty Politics and the trailer for the same just got released. It has some of the best actors that Bollywood can boast of, namely Om Puri, Naseeruddin Shah, Sushant Singh, Anupam Kher and Jackie Shroff. But going by the trailer, it looks everyone did this movie for the money.




As far as Om Puri is concerned, he might have had to think double hard before taking up this role since it is his sex-scenes with Mallika which are splashed all across the trailer.

Come to think of it, Om Puri making out with Mallika!! Isn’t the very thought of it so disturbing? Yes, we know you might be thinking that it is about the characters and story requirement and blah blah blah, but on one hand we have an ageing Mallika, who has been doing the same stuff for eternity now and on the other hand we have a really old Om Puri! How can someone watch these people in bed together? It’s kind of ewwwww!

We are wondering what happens next? What lengths Mallika will go to prolong her non-existent and yawn-inducing career by using all kinds of possible sexual antics for publicity?

She started her career with 17 smooches in a forgettable movie, and then grabbed eyeballs by smooching Emraan Hashmi. Now Emraan is a young chap, but now she has progressed to having sex-scenes with Om Puri, so who is going to be next?




A 100yr old man so that she can claim to have made-out with one of the oldest men of the country in a movie? She clearly seems to be on a spree to exploit old vulnerable actors who otherwise aren’t getting great roles or money and making them work with her!

Someone please tell Bollywood guys to give more work and decent money to these acting stalwarts of our country so they don’t have to resort to doing such pathetic roles in such useless movies! And yes, that will also save us from watching Ms. Sherawat’s disturbingly agonizing sex-scenes! 

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