Shahrukh Khan And Salman Khan’s Fight Is Over: Do We See On-Screen Magic Again?

We talk about the relaxed bonding between Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan at the Iftar party hosted by Baba Siddiqui. Last year at the same event, the ice was broken and this time both looked extremely relaxed…

This news is of epic proportions!

In an industry famous for its catfights between the lead actresses, the very public spat between the two ruling Khans, Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan, had stormed into our nation’s filmy fanatics’ lives like nothing before.

Never ever the rivalry between two superstars became so obvious and so public that it remained the topmost topic of discussion for days and months at large. It is obviously due to the mammoth fan following of both these actors that just as their friendship was celebrated with vigour, their enmity also aroused extreme sense of shock and disappointment.

Now, it seems all this might be a thing of the past. Amidst all the ongoing festivities of Ramzaan, Shahrukh and Salman met again at Maharashtra legislator, Baba Siddiqui’s Iftar party. This was the place where last year both had hugged each other and sent shockwaves signaling a thaw in their friendship. However, at that time there was a kind of formality in their action, but this time both looked extremely at ease in each other’s company. The comfort in their hug was so much visible in the pictures that one can’t make out if these two are the same people who are supposed to be at loggerheads with each other!

Isn’t it great?

Now as a country we can heave a sigh of relief. Nothing else is obviously important in our lives than to worry about two grown-ups’ love-hate relationship. When they fight, we lose our sleep. When they hug, we shed bucket-loads of tears in true Rajshri films’ style. How does it matter where the country is going, how we are improving as a civilization? Only thing important is that our movie-stars should not fight, they should not have a difference of opinion, should keep hugging each other and stay happy!

This second hug in two years will soon become the news of the year and like mythological tales, people will spend hours and days and months talking about the famous hug. Analysis will be done on how the hug happened, what was the angle at which hug happened, what were these stars wearing, was the smile genuine or Botox-induced (both are nearing 50’s, there has to be some reason for their youthful looks, right!)? See, we all have found something to talk about and work around. Life is going to be pretty busy now, huh!

Anyways, the hug has happened, both smiled for the shutterbugs, gave the scandal-hungry media some fodder for thought and probably moved on. Guess, we should also go on and live our lives.

Let’s hope these two keep entertaining us, whether being friends or enemies, it doesn’t really matter! Or does it? 

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