8 Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal

Side effects of laser hair removal

Side effects of laser hair removal – Tired of unwanted hairs?

Well, this is one common problem that both men and women face in life.

Interestingly every one of us is tired of removing unwanted hairs from the underarms, chin, legs and other body parts. But, what to do as you don’t know a permanent solution to this problem.

Of course, hairs in our body allow us breath and flush out the toxins. But too much of hair on different body parts causes embarrassment. Thus people try various methods to get rid of hairs. These methods include waxing and shaving majorly. Wait. As you know that technology has taken over us and we have a treatment for everything. Thus, people have switched to use technology meant for hair removal.

This technology is known as laser hair removal. Yes, the idea of this treatment is to burn the follicle that supports the growth of hairs. In fact, people are opting for laser hair removal to say goodbye to unwanted hair.

But, every technology comes with few cons and it is no different when it comes to the laser hair removal treatment. Yes, you will definitely get rid of unwanted hairs but with a cost of your health.

So, let us understand this treatment and then we will look at the side effects of laser hair removal.

How Laser Hair Removal Work

The first thing to know is that laser hair removal is a process which is carried out by the experts. These people are either cosmetologist or can be a beauty surgeon. Thus, opt for the quality proven clinic if you are going for permanent hair removal.

Laser hair treatment produces energy that results in burning of hair roots. In this processa light through the skin. This light goes deep into the skin and burns the follicle beneath the skin. It helps to uproot the hairs and discontinues the growth of hair. One more important thing about this treatment is that it suits every skin type. Thus, people with dry and oily skin can also get rid of unwanted hairs.

Also, this passing of light through the skin helps in lightening the skin color. Yes, people get a lighter skin tone after going through the laser hair removal treatment. This treatment gives you a fresh plain skin within few minutes. Also, the number of sessions depends on part of body that is undergoing this treatment.

Another interesting fact to know here is that the temperature of skin comes down even before that of the follicle. Also, the cosmetologist performing this treatment provides you with a cream to massage the skin. This keeps the skin healthy and protected against side effects of laser hair removal

Yes, all these things might attract you to go for laser hair removal. But, take the side effects into consideration as you might regret going for this treatment.

8 Side effects of laser hair removall

1 – Skin Burn – The dark skin absorbs the light faster than a fair skin. Thus, you feel the heat while the laser hair removal process is underway. No, not only the people with dark skin feel this reaction. But, sometimes the people with fair skin color also go through the pain. The main cause of skin burn is high level of pigmentation. The greater the pigmentation you have the more heat you will feel. Thus, think about this before going for permanent hair removal.

The burning of skin is one of the common side-effects that people going for the laser hair removal treatment feel.

Side effects of laser hair removal

2 – Skin Darkening – This is what you might end up after having the laser hair removal. Reason for bearing this side effect is a higher amount of pigmentation that results in the burning of follicles for a longer time. Thus, the skin reacts and your skin will have a skin darkening such as suntan.

Side effects of laser hair removal

3 – Harmful to Eyes – The rays coming out during this treatment is harmful to eyes. Thus, you must keep your eyes closed during the entire process. Also, don’t make too much of eye movements due to heat or pain you feel while undergoing this treatment. So, this is one of the top side-effects you might face from laser hair treatment.

Side effects of laser hair removal

4 – Itchy Skin – The radiations coming from this treatment cause heat and thus you feel like itchy skin post laser hair removal. In fact, you might have rashes on that particular body part. Thus, consult the doctor and take care of your skin after this treatment. This is also one of the side-effects of laser hair removal treatment.

5 – Discoloration of Skin – Our body reacts to everything we eat or put on our skin.  Thus, laser hair removal also leaves harmful effects on the skin. This results in discoloration of skin such as having red-colored skin.

6 – Skin Infection – Use of any chemical or electric light on skin increases the risk of infection. This is because the skin is made up of various tissues and they tear off easily. Therefore, the skin loses its protection and the use of light on skin results in skin infection.

7 – Bruised Skin – You may also have a bruise on the particular skin area that underwent the laser hair removal. This makes the skin hard and you will feel like to keep rubbing it. This can cause various other skin problems. Thus, this is one of the side effects of laser hair removal.

Side effects of laser hair removal

8 – Body Pain – The light rays are so strong that leaves impact on the particular body part. Thus you might feel the pain after undergoing this process. This is also the side effect of laser hair removal.

Side effects of laser hair removal

Thses are side effects of laser hair removal – Keep these side effects in mind before heading for the laser hair removal treatment. Also, do study about which doctor and clinic offer the quality laser hair removal treatment? This is important because you must not do anything wrong with your skin and health. Being beautiful is nothing objectionable but choosing a wrong path to achieve is not right.

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