Randeep Hooda’s Rang Rasiya: Story Of The Man Who Painted Gods!

The first trailer for Randeep Hooda’s movie, Rang Rasiya. It is based on painter Raja Ravi Varma’s life who gave face to Indian Gods and Goddesses by painting them.

Life is colorful and therefore, the gods and goddesses!

The creators of life should also be depicted in various hues and forms of colors!

This might have been the thought of Raja Ravi Varma, the greatest painter of India who brought to life with his paintings various Gods, whom we Indians have been praying to for centuries!

He was the one who painted various mythological characters from Mahabhartha and Ramayana and made them look believable. Thanks to his un-paralleled creativity, we Indians have got faces to our gods and goddesses. It is no surprise that walls in our homes are still adorned by numerous pictures and calendars depicting very same pictures of Gods created by him more than a century back!

Now, the story of this very same revolutionary painter is being brought to celluloid by none other than a very versatile actor, Randeep Hooda. In this Ketan Mehta (maker of Mangal Pandey) directorial, Rang Rasiya, Randeep is playing the role of Raja Ravi Varma and actress Nandana Sen is playing his fictional muse!

Such are the stories which should be shared with the world for inspiration, to know the journey of people who made a contribution in changing the world in some manner. However, despite being made in 2008, the film was stuck with censors for its bold content. Just like Raja Ravi Varma was known for painting women in sensuous manner, even in the movie, Ketan has taken the liberty to depict the same sensuality in an artistic manner. Alas, the censor board only saw vulgarity, not the art!

All that is sorted now and the film will see the light of the day on Diwali, 24th October! This should be an ode to the painter, to get his life story shared with the world when the whole country will get together to worship and celebrate their favorite Gods!

The trailer of the movie is interesting and quite colorful with passion of love intertwined with passion of art in a beautiful manner. It is not the typical Bollywood fare of mindless entertainment; it seems to have a soul! However, it needs to be seen how much creative liberty the makers have taken in depicting the visionary painter’s life story. We just hope that there is least amount of fiction and no un-necessary sexual content just to raise the titillating quotient of the flick!

Randeep has been to experiment with his movies and this seems to be one of his early experiments. He has done lot of good work over the years; we hope Rang Rasiya proves to be another milestone in his illustrious career.


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