Here Is Your 21 Days Bikini Body Challenge! See The Results For Self!


A desire to get into a fitter and sexier body is no sin!

Almost every other girl holds this desire and tries her best to attain it, with whatever means they have in hand. But most of the times, the efforts fail and the disappointment clouds the senses.

Well, one way to get there is by elevating the lean muscles in the body. Increasing lean muscle helps fire up your metabolism and burns fat to give your body a more toned appearance. We agree that building a bikini body in just 21 days might not sound practical, if you have a significant amount of weight to lose, but committing to exercise routines and fitness eating can definitely make you looking leaner, tighter and healthier, in those 3 weeks of dedication!

So, understanding your mental quest and the ultimate yearning to be in that bikini bod, in 2016, here we bring you the 21 day bikini body challenge in a workable fashion. Go for it and change your life and body size forever!

Here are 6 pointers you need to work upon for Bikini Body Challenge!

1. Get Adequate Amount of Sleep To Rejuvenate The Senses

  • For your body to get into the realm of rigorous workouts and sensible eating, it must get good rest in form of sound sleep, at least for 8 continuous hours a day.
  • Uninterrupted sleep of continuing hours will revitalize the body and will give you enough energies to start working in the positive manner. If you do not get enough sleep, you body will be tired, lethargic and unwilling to get up and get going!


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