Priyanka Chopra’s Mary Kom Has Neither Priyanka Nor Mary In It!

Talking about Mary Kom where Priyanka is looking like trying too hard to get back in the commercial space as an actress. The movie is rumored to be a copy of Million Dollar Baby.

Is Priyanka Chopra trying too hard to resurrect her career?

It does seem so, not because of the kind of movie she is doing, but, the way she is doing!

Yes, we are talking about her upcoming release, Mary Kom, based on the famous Indian boxer, Mary Kom’s life.

No doubt, the movie has generated a lot of curiosity, thanks to an efficient PR machinery of the production house. People are made to sit and notice and talk about the amount of effort, both physical and emotional, Priyanka has put in to get into the character.

Well, whether she succeeds at that or not, will be known after the movie releases.

As of now, the trailer and the posters have indeed brought to focus some uncomfortable concerns, which we are sure, the makers and the actress herself will easily decide to ignore! We are still going to raise them, though!

First and the foremost is why is the movie looking so very similar to Oscar winner Million Dollar Baby?

Mary Kom is being promoted as an ode to Indian boxing powerhouse, but the way it is shot looks eerily similar to its Hollywood counterpart. Now Million Dollar Baby had Hillary Swank who just nailed it with her stupendous mind-boggling performance. The movie is a benchmark for other boxing movies and her performance has no competition whatsoever!

Alas, Priyanka seems to be trying hard to replicate it and that too half-heartedly.

In the trailers of Mary Kom, she is shown to be a boxer from Manipur. However, PC seems to be oscillating between being Mary Kom and being herself. Some dialogues have her speaking chaste Urdu, unlike Mary and in some places she tries to speak accented Hindi.

What’s the freaking confusion girl?

Either become the character or stay out of it, don’t mix the two!

In recent past, Priyanka has tried her hand at too many things. Versatility is always good and admired by all, but then one has to be convincingly versatile, not just for the heck of it! She did show sparks of brilliance in movies like Fashion and Barfi; however, after that she focused on her singing career and playing a dumb down version of a glam-doll in Gunday.


If only she focuses on her prime talent that has brought her this far and stop experimenting for the sake of it, she might be able to extend her career!

As it is said, even to copy, one needs a brain!

Let’s hope that Sanjay Leela Bhansali and his team, including director Omung Kumar have copied Million Dollar Baby in an intelligent manner. Else as an audience, we might have to again make-do with a half-hearted attempt at entertainment which looks like fully focused on earning big money!

Priyanka darling, get your act together, get consistent and genuine!

There is a new breed of much more talented actresses already pushing you off the charts! Beware!

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