Will Priyanka Chopra Bring An End To The Khans’ Kingdom In Bollywood?

Priyanka Chopra and bollywood Khans – We talk about success of two Chopra sisters and entry of a third one, Mannara in Hindi film industry. In recent years, sisters haven’t been lucky in Bollywood with success.

The Khans rule Bollywood!

We are talking about Shahrukh, Salman and Aamir Khan who together are ruling the Hindi film industry for almost two long decades now.

No one has been able to give competition to them in any manner and have quietly become their followers!

Priyanka Chopra is no doubt a top rated actress, but even she alone hasn’t been able to command the kind of success which the Khan-trio enjoy single-handedly! So is this too much to even think that she can replace the Khans from their undisputed numero uno position alone or with someone’s help?

Probably! But then, unimaginable things have happened in the past, impossible has been made possible and there are various examples in the history of man-kind and not just cinema.

Let’s be more specific! We are talking about how Priyanka is helping her siblings to find their footing in Bollywood without much hoopla and slowly becoming a strong force to reckon with.

No, it is not about her only brother, but the women power of her family, her sisters!

It took lot of hard work on Priyanka’s part to reach where she has. Now, when she became established, she helped her cousin, Parineeti Chopra to get work with the best banners in the industry, namely Yash Raj Films!

And now, another of her darling cousin sister, the hot and sexy Mannara is getting launched in Zid!

You see, PC is super talented and into multiple things as an entertainer, be it as a singer, actress or a model! Parineeti is slowly, but surely carving a niche for herself as an amazing actress who is different from rest of the crowd and is being part of great cinema! With two sisters already established, Mannara will have her task really easy, if not a cake-walk!

She definitely has the looks, that oomph factor and gorgeous body to boast of. Now if she is talented as well, nothing can stop these Chopra sisters from rising to the top not only individually, but also a unit!

This is why we wonder if in this male-dominated industry, the time has come for women to take their rightfully deserving place and reach the top and rule! Khans are getting older; no new male star has shown enough promise to take their place except Ranbir Kapoor or Varun Dhawan and they both are individuals so they might fight for the crown. However, sisters bonding might make them stronger as a team and who knows they might start calling the shots in a few years from now!

Exciting times ahead for girls, what say?

For viewers like you and me, this is even better to see such gorgeous women rising up the charts and giving us some fantabulous entertainment!

Go girls!

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