Uncontacted Culture of Huaorani People From Amazon Rainforest

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Amazon is a vast region where apart from the ranges of floras and faunas hides unfolded truth of primitive nature. Wildlife and indigenous groups, tribes are another part of the isolated areas of the forests. When mentioning the indigenous tribes, the Huaorani people are one in isolation for ages. Two different tribes have an un-contacted culture among which they are the ones in their region.

There are about 100 tribes as per studies that are un-contacted from the amazon rainforests.

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Huaorani people and their lifestyle

Huaorani people have yet not given up their ancestral lifestyle of hunting. They did not shift from forests to modern living. They do not have any contact with the external world and still prefer to live within the deep forests of the Amazon region. Also known as the Waodani tribe, they have the conceptual thoughts that the entire world is a forest. When looking into their culture the people still survive by hunting food.

They have a keen knowledge about their areas in the forests as it is the ancestral home of the Huaorani people. Their ideas about geology and ecology are higher than the knowledge of experts. Their interests in plants and preparing medicines from the different herbs and shrubs are part of their daily life. They do not use any modern techniques but still rely on botanical plants for the treatments for various diseases.

The uses of trees and plants serve various purposes, apart from a diet. The large parts of the woods, such as the balsa wood are for ceremonial purposes. For the making of blowguns, the strong durable parts of the trees are given the shape. Such as the peach palm trees, it is one of the most important parts of their life relating to weapons of the ancestors and the present Huaorani people.

Huaorani language and ancestral land

The Huaorani people speak the Huaorani language, while the language limits to them. They still occupy the ancestral land, that ranges from the Curaray to the Napo rivers. The isolation that has to build the uncontacted culture on their ancestral land is suffering due to the oil companies. Still, the uncontacted culture has kept itself away from the external world.

Food and shelter that they are adapting from their ancient culture and treatments are from the plants. Their ancestry guides them with complete knowledge about the plants, geography of the forests. So, even they are staying deep into the amazon rainforests it is not at all bothering them.

Remaining in the age of science and technology they still use blowpipes for hunting their foods. Huaorani people are adapted to the severe cold and rainy seasons. The wild as well as primitive people living in the Amazon rainforest, Ecuador region is now considered as the uncontacted culture and thus remains isolated. They still do not depend on modern techniques or cultures. Huaorani people do not require food, clothes, and technologies such as phones or vehicles. They disagree to come out from their primitive lifestyles.

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