Coloring Hair Can Lead To More Grey Hair?

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Hair colors – With age, grey hair is very common.

For some people, grey hair may look damn good, but for rest of the people grey hair is a sign of aging and you need to take care of it. With so much concern about the grey hair in people, many cosmetic companies are coming up with different kinds of hair colors. But there are many people around who are worried that “would there hair coloring products increase the problem or they can help in covering the grey hairs?”

Here is what our experts have to say about the grey hair and the hair coloring products that are available in the market…

  • In the hair follicles, you have the color pigments and based on that only you get the color of your hair, which can be black, blonde, brown or any other color.
  • Melanocytes are the cells present on the scalp that produce Melanin. As the age increases, the production of Melanin decreases, so your hair starts losing the natural color that it was due to this Melanin.
  • As this grey hair increases with age, you can take care of this grey hair with the help of hair color or mehendi. But people are worried if this is going to increase the grey hair.
  • When you color your hair, the colored hair will start appearing in the color you used. But the process of aging will not stop just because you colored your hair. That means, the other hair will start getting grey and that appears like the hair color process has increased the grey hair.
  • That is just a myth. Your hair color will not decrease or increase the grey hair. It can just manage the grey hair for few days but the aging continues.

So, you can never get rid of this grey hair as the age does not stop for anything or anyone. Rather, you should concentrate on other things related to the hair and hair colors like choosing the right hair color, brand, checking the chemicals present in them and much more.

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