Malfunctioning Wardrobes That Let Us Snip Inside Bollywood Divas

Here is a look into the top malfunctions of Bollywood actresses. A tale of malfunctioning wardrobes that let us snip inside Bollywood divas, revealed!

Malfunctions might not function well with its victims but leads to flickers and clicks galore in the media circuit. With floodlights pinpointed on celebs high and low, the shutterbugs miss no slip—be it the nip or the B-line, Bollywood has had its own sagas of wardrobe malfunctions. Here is a take on the sexy six.


Alia Bhatt– The lovely lady seems to be at the top on all charts. Even in this niche, she has had a horrible malfunction that will linger on around her forever. While Alia thought to appear smart by skipping the panty underneath her gold dress at Amby Valley India fashion week, the bright lights clearly gave her away. And yes, we well understood the contours and the bulges so much that we thought wearing a panty could indeed have been a better choice.

Kangana Ranaut- The Himachali beauty might be Bolly’s Queen but she had her own malfunction moment when her gown’s neckline refused to fall in place. What the world saw was the bust gap and Kangana made no attempt to even cover it up with a scarf or anything else. Was it a call for attention?

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan—The dolled up glam diva that Ash is, one least expected a wardrobe blunder from her. However, she must have forgotten that turning buxom needed more centimeters on the choli. And viola—out came some peeking part! In fact, so clear was the expose that all shutters caught the moment crystal clear.

Sushmita Sen-What is wrong with the Miss Worlds and Universes? While they are impeccable styled, they seem too careless when it comes to body language. Sush has had her malfunction moment during a Miss India event that saw too much of her panty while she sat too carelessly. Despite crossing her legs back, the lens men never erased their click!

Parineeti Chopra—The younger Chopra needs to decide if she wants to be plus sized or fit into undersized clothes that make her look horrid. The chubby lass had a slit on her bottom moment when the too tight orange dress gave way. Perhaps her designer and tailor both need replacement.

Katrina Kaif—Not once but twice has our leading Bolly Barbie revealed her cute panties to the world. Once in Dublin, while shooting for a cycling scene with Salman Khan, and next during her Dhoom promo event with Aamir Khan in tow.


Celebrities are not new to malfunctions and rarely seem to care. However, what these do to their image can only be found out from the circulating tabloids. If only, they could take some time to do a mirror check!

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