Viveik Mishra: Gauhar Khan is a blend of silicon and plastic

Speculation is rife that the Bigg Boss contestant might get back in the house again through a wild card entry, but nothing has been finalised yet.

Speculation is rife that the Bigg Boss contestant might get back in the house again through a wild card entry, but nothing has been finalised yet. Does it matter if Bigg Boss happens again or not? Not really ‘coz Mishra already has been offered another reality show and he is all set to do a film called Mumbai can’t dance saala. The dude talks about Nude yoga, his unpleasant experiences on the show and lots more…

Who’s the one person you can’t stand in the Bigg Boss 7 house?
Honestly I feel Gauhar Khan is bi*#$ personified. She’s a blend of silicon and plastic. She doesn’t portray who she is in front of the cameras. She always conveys what she wants to convey but doesn’t want to listen to what other people have to say.

Is there anyone on the show you think you have misjudged?
Yes initially when I entered, I had these pre-conceived notions about Tanisha. I thought she’s the kind who picks fights with people ‘coz of Armaan. But I later discovered that she’s angel personified. She is a lovely human being and hats off to her upbringing.

The Bigg Boss contestants constantly joked about your nude yoga techniques…that must have hurt really bad?
To each his own, I am absolutely okay with it and all this doesn’t affect me too much.

But what’s nude yoga all about?  
Nude yoga is an ancient technique started in Greece. People do it so that they feel comfortable and confident about their own body. There are a lot of girls who aspire to be skinny and a lot of guys admire Salman Khan’s body, so nude yoga simply makes you realise that you ought to be in love with your own body, however it is. We all are very beautiful and are precious children of God.

So when did your fascination with nude yoga begin?
I have been practising yoga for 7 years now and I attended a nude yoga workshop in Goa which was conducted by a Greek trainer, since then I am hooked to this form.

But who does nude yoga in India, don’t people get scandalised?
We have a certain set of people who want to explore and do it with a positive outlook. There are people who want to experience what the results are like.

Getting back to Bigg Boss, your roomies thought that you were very effeminate…
In every individual there’s a blend of Shiva and Shakti. I am totally not ashamed of being effeminate. If someone is judging you then that shows the kind of attributes they themselves have.

Candy Brar wanted to confront you in the house for dragging her name in between; poor chick she didn’t get to do that as you were eliminated way before she entered the house…
By the way let me tell you the truth. Candy already knew that I was eliminated. All that drama that she wanted to clear the air was a sham. She should be indebted to me that I took her name in the house, which is why she was invited to the show in the first place. She’s a nobody and the least paid member of the house and if she really wanted to clear the air she would have had called me up. She just went in there for mere publicity.

There are pics of you all over the net, of you getting cosy with a set of bikini clad girls in an intoxicated state, what’s that all about?
It was a pool party and obviously girls would wear a bikini in the pool and I wasn’t intoxicated at all. I don’t care what people think about those pics.

What’s the kind of response you have been getting after your exit from the house?
I have been getting a great response. I went to Mathura recently and was mobbed despite being a nobody. They complimented me the way I maintained my self-control despite Kushal’s provoking.

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