Looks like KRK wants to contest LS polls

Kamaal R Khan, with his #2Rs Tweets, has become the latest political guru in town!

Bollywood’s self-confessed number 1 film critic has now turned into a sassy political analyst. If you’re laughing hard at this (and rightly so), let’s tell you something crazy! Kamaal R Khan, with his #2Rs Tweets, has become the latest political guru in town who is giving his loyal followers gyaan before the 2014 Lok Sabha Polls.

The motor-mouthed man has tried his hands at plenty of things, including acting and he doesn’t seem to be in any mood to slow down. If you don’t believe us, take a look at this:







 How did a film buff become a pseudo-politician? Does it mean that he secretly wants to contest elections? Considering what little respect he has for the BJP and Congress, it would not be surprising if he starts his own party soon. With the kind of followers he has (at least, virtually), it would be one flourishing party for sure. His eccentric approach (towards rapists, at least) would certainly go a long way in reforming the society. After all, we need someone as crazy as him to give the nation the much needed twist.

After his video reviews of Bollywood movies became a rage with the Twitterrati, he expanded his skills and ventured into political reviews. From bashing Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi and calling all netas ‘matlabi’, he has been very vocal about his views for sure. But is virtual-bashing going to teach him what’s walking on the path of power and responsibility is? Sending out three choicest Tweets about the government doesn’t make one a fit candidate in the cabinet. There’s more at stake than these things.


We aren’t sure if he is even capable of being at the top. What is he is just all smoke and no fire? His debut movie ‘Deshdrohi’ was touted to be next BIG thing, but it fizzled out like a crappy Diwali cracker. If he does read this article and decides to contest the LS polls, it would be his beloved janta that would decide if he deserves a ‘kick’ or a ‘kiss’. Watch out, KRK!





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