We Give 7 Hot Tips To Sell Your Used Bikes And Make More Money Than Expected! Must Read

Many people love to exchange their bikes for new ones. With net savvy buyers & sellers, it is simple to dispose off a used bike. We bring for a readers a few tips that would enable them to sell their bikes at a good price.

All bike fanatics love to own the latest models and for this they need to dispose off their old one.

Today, selling an old bike is easy and one can contact buyers through various portals. By simply uploading an advertisement for sale of bike with pictures and giving a brief description, one can effortlessly put one’s two-wheeler for sale!

However, only a well-maintained and well-presented bike can fetch a good price.

We bring for our readers a few tips that would enable them to sell a used bike and get good money.

1). The most crucial thing one must remember while selling a used bike is tomake it look presentable. By using soapy water and a toothbrush, the owner can give a spotless appearance to the used bike. We recommend proper cleaning by removing the plastics. Though, changing the external parts of the bike only to make it look pleasing is not advisable. They buyer may get suspicious and may land up not buying it all. 

2). While uploading the ad, it is of paramount importance to give an apt title. The user would open the ad only if the title impresses him or her. Make the title short and informative. 

3). While posting an ad it is also vital to post some alluring images of used bikes. The bike must look attractive when the user clicks the picture. The buyer will approach the seller based on this. We suggest posting at least 2 pictures which will give a better idea of the product to the buyer. 

4). Once the prospective buyer gets attracted to the advertisement through the title & pictures, and is partially convinced, he would need a description. Making the narrative short and yet informational will help the buyer take the decision easily. 

5). Price of a used bike is another crucial aspect of selling it. An apt and reasonable price will help the seller to sell the bike faster. 

6). Many people post ads and they do not regularly check the queries that come in. Not catering to these inquiries may lead to losing on a good deal and may also discourage other buyers from contacting. 

7). During a meeting with buyers, give a warm welcome to the prospective owners of your used bike. Being truthful, friendly, and supportive may just win the heart of the guests! 

We humans usually get emotionally involved with our vehicles. But if one does decide to sell a used bike, one should also ensure that it goes to safe hands and at the same time fetches good money too!

To get a good value for your bike, do follow the tips mentioned and see it bring a good return! 

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