Is AbRam Khan Aryan Khan’s Son And Not ShahRukh’s?

AbRam Khan

AbRam Khan – There’s a lot going in the Bollywood industry on and behind the screen which means the reel and real life.

A lot of mysterious controversies every now and then keep us gossiped about the B-Town. One of the biggest news lately was the birth of Shah Rukh Khan’s surrogate son AbRam Khan who is apparently his third child beside Aryan Khan and Suhana Khan.

AbRam is one of the cutest star-kids in the Bollywood industry and we can’t deny that. There were a lot of controversies already related to his birth which included that AbRam’s biological mother was maybe Shah Rukh’s cousin sister or maybe his cousin sister-in-law and a lot more.

There is one more thing that has come-up from behind the scenes; though there is no proof for the same it somehow makes sense or maybe we are gossip-gobblers (kind-off).

Let’s leash another one related to Junior Khan’s birth:

There’s this spark that maybe AbRam is Aryan Khan’s son and not Shah Rukh Khan’s. Though this seems really absurd but there’s an entire story which follows.  It can be explained through points in a better way so let’s see how:

  1. It is said that Aryan Khan had an affair with a foreigner who was his classmate from London from where he has done his high-school and graduation from. A lot of pictures of the girl and Aryan were taken together which somehow prove that he might be having an affair with her.
  2. It is said that as he was studying abroad and used to attend a lot of drunk parties with her and his other friends; he had physical relations with her as well.
  3. One night after they had their share of physical intimacy the girl whose name is still unknown got pregnant and that’s when the entire story took a turn.
  4. It is said that the girl threatened Aryan to either give their child his name as she won’t get it aborted in any way otherwise she’ll leash the entire episode to the media and tamper his image globally.
  5. As a result the entire drama of a surrogate kid had to be created to overlap the actuality of its being.
  6. The reason why we can believe on the story is that no woman has been in the paparazzi for being the actual mother of AbRam Khan.
  7. Secondly, Shah Rukh Khan had a complete family which includes his wife, his daughter and his son then why suddenly out of nowhere he planned to have another kid and that too through surrogacy? Doesn’t it make sense?
  8. In fact another catch here is that why did Shah Rukh Khan plan to have a kid as soon as his son Aryan completed his graduation and he came back to India and there were was no other news about Aryan’s alleged girlfriend?
  9. These coincidences perfectly knit the story about AbRam Khan being Aryan’s son and not Shah Rukh’s biological son.
  10. Above all, the amazingly fair complexion and light hair of AbRam add-up to the fact that he does look like a foreigner kid. Isn’t it?
  11. Well, no one knows how far the story is true but the points which surround the story justify this controversy or rather rumor in a justified way.

These facts or should I rather say observation by media has definitely added fuel to fire in the case of AbRam Khan not being Shah Rukh Khan’s son and rather being his grandson i.e. Aryan Khan’s son. Nobody knows how fake orreal these incidents are but I am sure that this is surely going to hit your mind for once. Isn’t it?

AbRam Khan

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