Kareena Kapoor Has A Crisp Tongue! Here Are The 5 One Liners She Floored Us With!


Kareena Kapoor Khan is sassy, scintillating and stunningly sexy in all her avatars, be it the modern Diva in Heroine or a traditional Indian girl next door in here recent appearance in Bajrangi Bhaijaan!

And we love her with every bit, that she is!

But, her looks and talent on the screen are not the only talk worthy assets about her. She is much more than just a pretty face and her acting skills, that of course we can vouch for, by now!

She owns a crisp tongue too, which talks more candid than ever, without any holdups and gives us the existential truth, be it about her real or reel life!

This I am saying only after witnessing her eloquent skills in a recent interview of hers, where she was being her outspoken candid self and making me fall in love with her all over again!

Here are the answers she managed to floor many with!

  1. When asked how she feels working with the country’s superstars like Salman and SRK.

She said in a relaxed and confident tone, “As a kid, whenever I used to see Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan or Aamir Khan, I would always tell them that I’m going to romance them one day. That was always my attitude.”.

That’s the true blue Kapoor girl we love, right? Oozing confidence and ultra comfortable in her skin.

  1. When scratched on her decision to get married, she replied calmly;

“A lot of people told me to not get married. Apparently, in the Indian film industry, they don’t accept actors like that. I said, so be it. I’m going to do what I want to do. And now, the fact of the matter remains that I’m romancing Sidharth Malhotra.”

Ha!! A big face-palm to the ones who think married actresses are spent forever! She is still here, and she is here to rule! The likes of her are here to change the trends!

  1. There is a huge wage gap in Bollywood, among how male and female actors are paid. Her take on that;

“Actresses get paid what they deserve. I’m quite happy with what I get paid.”

See, this is what I say, being comfortable in her skin and not knocking on the wrong doors to get doomed.

  1. Many actresses today are opting for a role behind the camera. She has a different thought to it. She says;

“I’m not interested in production or direction. I’m born to be in front of the camera.”

Smart-alecky and super cool! Knowing what she wants from life, she has come of age, where being content with the quality of work over quantity plays a major role.

  1. We do not see her posting on Instagram or Tweeting left, right and centre like many other actors. Her say;

“In my private time, I don’t want to be Instagramming pictures of what I’m eating.”

Well, isn’t that totally laudable? Being the leader without being in the competition at all! That’s what I call, Hot and Steamy!

  1. We really wish to see her and Saif together on-screen romancing each other one more time, like good ol’ times. But… she says

“I don’t think Saif wants to work with me now. We’re going to be working with different people now, so it’s cool.”

Hmmm, not a jealous, over-possessive wife she is. She is every bit a cool companion who knows how  to give her hub the genuine space he deserves, off the personal arena! And we love her for that.

Well, these were some of her off screen deliveries, that really electrified me, apart from her on screen deliveries, which of course need no mention.

Keep watching her, keep applauding her!

I am eagerly waiting for Udhta Punjab, are you?

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