Kamaal R Khan Is Back In News After His Massive Twitter Argument With Rishi Kapoor!


Kamaal R Khan strikes again!

Well by now you know, Kamaal R Khan doesn’t leave any opportunity to be in the news by tweeting rubbish and picking up on celebrities.

This time, Twitter saw a massive argument between self-proclaimed celebrity (You know I mean KRK) and famous Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor.

It started when Chintu ji called KRK a loser when replying to a parody account.

Soon hell broke lose, when KRK in his infamous style reverted to Rishi Kapoor’s tweets.

You wouldn’t believe what all KRK tweeted, but then knowing how he has been tweeting in the past, I am not surprised by his tweets.

It started with this..


Rishi Kapoor who doesn’t shy away from voicing his opinion, replied to this account and called KRK a loser.

And then there was no stopping, KRK tweeted a series of crap tweets and some will be shocked by his tweets.


He went on and on…



That is really disgusting!

Later Rishi Kapoor decided to take this up with Twitter officials.

Well, only time will tell, what will be the outcome of all this.

While I agree Rishi Kapoor shouldn’t have started this by calling KRK a loser, but then it’s high time someone speaks against KRK and end it once for all.

Who do you support in this?

Let us know in the comments sections below.

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