The dynamics of love, crush, lust and infatuation

Are you in love, crushing on someone, infatuated with somebody or lusting after someone? Let’s find out!

As a youngster, we have all battled the dynamics of what’s love, crush, lust and infatuation. When you have butterflies in your tummy, is it love? When you can’t stop staring at someone, are you crushing on him/her? Is first love really just infatuation? Let’s figure this out…

This is nothing but an unreasonable and obsessive attraction for the opposite sex. It’s common with tweens and teens who become infatuated with a good looking classmate or common friend. You have a certain image of that person and don’t want to think bad about them in any way. You’re always at your impeccable best around them and make sure that you’re prim and proper when you meet them.


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