Did You Know That Your Dark Lipstick Could Kill You?

Dark Lipstick

Dark Lipstick – We all love wearing lipstick and dark lipsticks have certain bold appeal to it which no one can dare deny.

In the recent times, the fad of wearing dark lipsticks washed over the minds of fashionistas worldwide and the pioneering cosmetic manufacturing companies are catering to their needs perfectly. The most coveted colours in the range of dark lipsticks are Red, Brown, Coffee and Maroon. Only a person who is bold can pull off dark lipstciks like a pro and they collect the finest range even if they have to sell their soul for it. However, those who love wearing dark lipsticks are often side eyed by the society citing too attention-seeking but it seems they are plain jealous or timid.

The x-factor that the dark lipsticks have, kept the lipstick lovers on the hook but there are many side effects, that is to say fatal side effects of dark lipsticks that you are not yet privy of. We are here under giving you insights into the new research that as been conducted over the dark lipsticks and results are like this:

Your dark lipstick contains lead which is a neurotoxin that will plague at your speech. But not every lipstick contains lead and those brands that use lead would keep the information bottled up. If you are wearing dark lipsticks on a regular basis, it will go inside your mouth and harm you in more ways than one.

According the study that has been carried out by the University of California, when a woman applies dark lipstick and reapplies that 2-4 times a day, she absorbs at least 87 ml of it. Because the scarlet red or other dark colored lipsticks are high on lead, it will go down your stomach and may harm you.

Dark Lipstick

When your lipstick is made, there is lead, cadmium, magnesium chromium or aluminum kind of ingredients are used that can be held accountable for many dangerous diseases such as Kidney failure. Most of the dark lipsticks contain high amount of cadmium which might adversely affect your stomach or cause the emergence of tumor in your belly.

If you have a sensitive skin, then the researchers had urged you to steer clear of dark lipsticks because that are very detrimental to the texture of your skin. Besides, there is aluminum that might beget stomach ulcer, and lessen the amount of phosphate in your body.

You may be more shocked to know that your dark lipstick can beget Cancer also. More and more women are falling prey to breast cancer now a days and it has become a pandemic. Dark lipsticks only elevate the chances of being afflicted with cancer if you are using them on a regular basis. Wearing dark lipstick too much may jeopardize your immune system also.

Will you wear dark lipstick now? afraid much?

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