These 10 Outrageous Gymming Snaps Will Confuse You Whether To Do or Not To Do!

Outrageous gymming

Outrageous gymming – Gymming is catching up these days, isn’t it?

Every tom, dick and harry wants to land in the iron-land for all kinda assorted reasons.

And some of those reasons are outrageously weird. But… who said there is a levy on being ECCENTRICALLY WEIRD! We all are in some way or the other!

Here, through these Outrageous gymming snap-shots, we bring you some eccentrics who are touching the pinnacles of eccentricity!

Outrageous gymming snaps – Check it out!

1). Escalator to climb up a Gym?? Dude… the whole purpose of life is defeated! I am deeply saddened!


2). Errrrrr… no no sir, you are mistaken, we clearly mentioned outside, it’s a GYM…ONLY A GYM!!


3). Well…. Mmmm… She forgot to bring the SWIMMING POOL!! Someone please remind her!


4). Excuse me! Hey! The Big Man… Yes I am talking to you? Are you FLESH and BLOOD??


5). Now that ……ladies and Gentlemen!! I call… SELF EMPOWERED WOMEN UPLIFTMENT!!


6). Sitting on the treadmill is equally rewarding! I heard God listens to SILENT prayers!


7). Ummm… Well… ok… Can I replace those with my DUMBELLS?


8). I am addicted to GYMMING! I was missing it so much that I THRASHED my car to use the wheels! That too in the middle of no-where!


9). That Zebra is still STANDING dude! They must be feeding him iron rods!


10). Yes! Yes! You got that ABS-OH-LOOT-LEY RIGHT!! I paid half of my hard-earned fortune, tortured my butt, ate crap (when all I wanted to hog on was cheese-cake and drink pints of Beer) spent 4 majestic hours of my “golden youth” EVERYDAY in the BLOODY GYM sweating like a PIG !!… ALLLLLLLL that just because I am DYING to CRACK WALNUTS WITH MY BUTT CHEEKS!!!! That’s the only purpose my buoy.. That’s the ONLY GODDAMN Purpose!!


Outrageous gymming – PHEW!! I am never going to go GYMMING!! Will you??

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