Karwa Chauth Fasting? Food You Should Intake Before The Kickstart

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Karwa Chauth is one of the auspicious festivals that comes once a year. Almost after waiting for a year women celebrate with pride being married to their beloved person. But, it is considered one of the complex rituals that begin with the entire day of fasting. It is a celebration mostly popular in North West and Central India. Therefore, the Sargi thali is one of the special parts that keep the energy running through the Karwa Chauth.

The thali is nutritious and filled with the required food items that can help to carry out through the day. The fasting is carried out after the Sargi thali is taken by women. The fast is carried out throughout the day, unless and until they see the moon in the sky.

A long day of fasting may cause health problems, so the Sargi is a savior against the worst results of the auspicious day.

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What does the Sargi of Karwa Chauth Plate have?

The plate is considered to be a nutritious collection that provides energy. Women often suffer from dizziness, weakness, or other problems. The food items are enough to fill the stomach and focus on Karwa Chauth.

The thali is specifically guided and prepared by mother in law.

Plate contains

Pheniyan Kheer is a sweet dessert made of milk. One of the delicacies that are nutritious with fills of sweetness and nuts. It is one of the mandatory items that are present in the Sargi thali. Pheniyan Kheer is considered auspicious and traditional to eat before the start of Karva Chauth fasting.

Fruits are also present in the Sargi Thali. But before starting fasting it is essential to have less acidic foods to avoid any digestion. Bananas and apples, including some citrus fruits, can be added to avoid dehydration. Eating may be difficult getting up early in the morning. But the proper and proportional intake of fruits and other items can unable to complete the Karva Chauth successfully.

Karwa Chauth 2022: Foods to include in your Sargi thali | Deccan Herald

Coconut, Dry Fruits, Sweets are added to the thali. Both are mandatory, coconut has always between the most preferred as it has different health benefits. To keep the stomach calm and the body fit with nutrients, Dry fruits are helpful. To end the fasting after a day-long, breaking of fast with coconut water is carried out.

Meethi Mathri, sweet snacks that women eat early in the morning are placed in the Sargi thali. Eaten on the day of Karwa Chauth, this snack is a deep-fried snack mathri.

Paratha is also placed on the plate which is a heavy item filled with carbs. It can keep the woman free from lethargy and starving from hunger. Few also prefer to have roti instead of parathas, if they want to avoid too much oil intake.

Last, but not least, it is the tea or juice that helps to wrap up the entire plate. Warm tea is a need for early morning energy to start. While few like to enjoy the Sargi thali with a glass of juice prepared for Karwa Chauth.

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