3 Indian Places That Will Ensure Foreign Travel Experiences

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Post covid-19 situations inspired Indians to find out some alternative ways to spend vacations. Holidays that are can be traveled in less period and surrounded by fewer crowds. The outstanding attractions have given these places undue comparisons which makes them exceptional. Also provides travel enthusiasts a foreign travel experiences.

Indian Places provides foreign travel experiences

Places in India with extreme natural scenic beauties in diversities. They are as follows:

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Radhanagar Beach

The beauty of Radhanagar Beach is unbelievable. It is exceptional in natural beauty with turquoise seawater. The sand beach extends throughout the forests nearby in Havelock Island. Nothing less than comparing to the Phi Phi Island of Thailand, thousands of people travel from India to visit the place.

India itself has the natural scenic beauty covered with forest mountains around the seawater. This is also on the list of the cleanest beach in Asia. The soothing weather and the atmosphere ensure to give an experience similar to the Popular Phi Phi Island. Why not explore the Indian Ocean with the undefinable enhancing beauty of the sea and nature in India?

People enjoy the sunbath and swimming in the blue sea water, till the sunsets. Spending days with friends and families are none less to any of the international trips in Radhanagar beach. It is becoming one of the special attractions for the travel enthusiast.

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Thar Desert

Those who want to experience the beauty of the desert will find the Thar desert as attractive as the Sahara Desert. Africa’s one of the popular tourist attractions is the world’s largest desert. It is a natural given boundary between India and Pakistan. But apart from it, the Thar desert is also one that people prefer to visit.

Explore the dunes, chilled or cold nights, and traveling throughout the days on camels will give the similar feelings of a Sahara Desert. Holding nights in tents and watching the open sky with stars is a mesmerizing experience.

Looking beyond in heat to see the shadows of mirage is nothing less as in Africa’s desert. Differences rest in Asia’s the Thar Desert have annual rainfall but the Sahara desert does not have any rain throughout the year.


The place itself is incomparable, Gulmarg is already an attraction for foreigners. Apart from it for Indians it gives a feeling of Switzerland. The beautiful snowy and chilled mountains are a treat to the eyes. Those who want to find a close and easy way to vacations finds it the best escape in summers. Switzerland is famous for beautiful peaks, lakes, and skiing along with other winter sports makes winters a great vacation.

Gulmarg has its beauty adorned with lakes, peaks, and ski mountaineering, ice skating, ice hockey are some of the top sports that people can experience. Enjoy the boating in the lakes extending eyes to far mountains and hills covered with greenery and snow. Not only the people of India, but it is one of the famous attractions for travelers from different parts of the world.

Travel enthusiasts who are looking for a calm, peaceful natural exploring of places. These places stands no less than foreign travel experiences.

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